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The Centre for Teaching and Continuing Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Continuing Learning at Laurentian University aims to develop and offer a wide range of learning opportunities for professional and personal development.

Are you…

  • Looking for a new career and need a degree to land an exciting job?
  • An undergraduate student who needs a flexible learning option other than an in-class course?
  • A college graduate who wants to pursue a lifelong dream of obtaining a degree?
  • A student from another university who is interested in completing a course on a Letter of Permission (LOP)?
  • A working professional looking for professional development opportunities?
  • A student living abroad and interested in learning from a Canadian University?

It’s easier than it’s ever been! All of our offerings -- whether completing a degree program through Laurentian Online or a short professional development course (micro-credential) -- provide you with the flexibility to get ahead, keep up or catch up as your schedule permits.

Support Services for Online and Distance Learners

The Student Success Centre

The Student Success Centre offers a variety of academic supports to help students transition to university and succeed during their studies. 

  • Student Success Advising
    Academic advisors help students better understand their goals, their academic plans, and guide students as they make important decisions about their future.
  • Academic Writing Support
    Academic Writing assistance is available to all Laurentian students who would like some extra help to improve their writing skills.
  • Student Success Tutoring
    Learning Assistance provides students with resources and opportunities to improve their ability to learn at a university level.

Laurentian Online
Understanding the distinct needs of online learners, our team provides support and guidance to our student community to help them achieve their academic goals. Self register for the A1-Orientation for Online Learners available on our learning management system. 

Laurentian University Services and Supports

The J.N. Desmarais Library offers a variety of services for online and distance learners.  For example, any library material that is not available to you electronically, can be ordered through OMNI, whether the material is located in Laurentian's own collections - or elsewhere.


Centre for Teaching and Continuing Learning

J.N. Desmarais Library, 2nd Floor