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Welcome to the Graduate Studies Forms page. Here you will find forms you may require as a graduate student at Laurentian University. 

Student Forms

How do I format my thesis?

Here you will find the thesis template in Word Document or LaTex as a guide for creating your thesis.

How do I apply for a Travel Grant?

Here you will find the travel grant application and reimbursement forms.

1. Fill out the application form

2. Have the form signed by your program coordinator

3. Attach your conference acceptance letter and your abstract to the form

4. Return the form via email to

5. Once your application is accepted (upon available funds), attend your conference!

6. Upon your return fill out the reimbursement form.

7. The return the form to graduate studies. See below.*

How do I apply as an OVGS at Laurentian?

Here you will find information and an application form pertaining to OVGS - Ontario Visiting Graduate Student

More information pertaining to graduate students.

Here you will find information regarding registration status, academic requirements, policy on responsible conduct of research etc.

What form do I need to fill for my comprehensive examination?

Here you will find the form required for your comprehensive examination. 

What form do I need to fill for a payment declaration?

Here you will find the form required for a payment declaration.