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Graduate Spotlight: Mia Tucker

My journey at Laurentian University, in my own words

May 22, 2024 - If you’ve ever wondered who writes these Student Spotlights, here I am, it’s me! I am Mia Tucker, Communications Assistant at Laurentian’s Communications Office, but today, I’m writing as both your subject and author.

I am an alumna and current student at Laurentian University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and soon-to-be graduate of Concurrent Education. Throughout my two degrees and five years here, Laurentian has become my home and the Laurentian community has become my second family. I’d like to share a few experiences with you before my time with this pen comes to an end.

I was born in Sudbury and raised in Toronto. Growing up I visited Sudbury often, giving the city a special place in my heart. As the end of high school approached, I started looking at Concurrent Education programs in Ontario. I discovered that Laurentian’s program was the most condensed in the whole province. The chance to spend more time in Sudbury, and the appeal of the fast program are why I chose to attend Laurentian. Over the years, my love for this community has continued to grow and I now plan to stay in Sudbury as I pursue my teaching career.

I knew since I was young that I wanted to become a teacher. I have always been passionate about learning, growing, and working with kids. Having two younger siblings inspired me, as I have always loved being a big sister and teaching them things I know. I believe that every child has unique capabilities and ideas that should be celebrated. Each child has the ability to become something amazing. That is what inspired me to want to teach - I want to bring that out in my students. My time at Laurentian has prepared me for the future I have always dreamed of.

Over the past five years, I have gained invaluable teaching experience in different classrooms and grade-levels. My placements complimented my course work and instilled within me confidence and professionalism in my teaching practices. Laurentian’s small class sizes and connections I made with professors made me feel supported and like I was never on my own. I met like-minded individuals who valued education like I do. The past year was especially impactful getting to apply my comprehension in my last two placements at Sudbury elementary schools.

I moved into Residence when I was 17 years old for first-year of university. Going from living at home with my mom to living in residence in a new city was a huge transition for me. As I grew more comfortable on my own, I began taking on many leadership roles within residence and Laurentian. It was fulfilling to be able to help other students in my roles as a Residence Assistant, leader on student council, and peer mentor. I value community, inclusivity, and I wanted to be a support for other new students who may have had similar uneasy feelings during their transition to university life.

My involvement in the Laurentian community is what led me to the unique opportunity to write this Student Spotlight. As a student employee, I worked on campus part time with flexible hours while studying. I was tasked with interviewing and writing stories (like this one!) about interesting people within the Laurentian community for the news section of the website. I have developed administrative skills and understanding of professional communications that I can now use throughout my career as a teacher.

As I walk across the stage to accept my second degree at my convocation ceremony on June 4th, 2024, I will look back on my journey at Laurentian with gratitude. I will envision my exciting future and all that I can accomplish with my abilities, relationships, and education that grew here at Laurentian.