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Language Learning

Dedicated to promoting full access, participation and success for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students.

Here at Indigenous Student Affairs, we care deeply about language revitalization and supporting both students and the community in their language learning journey. Below are some vocabulary in Anishinaabemowin (Odawa dialect) to get you started as well as some other language resources!

Beginner Vocabulary For Students


eskoonwit student aachkin'gan room mzin'igan paper, book
eknoomaagenh teacher waasechgan window pabwin chair
skoon-gamik school shkwaandem door doopwin table
zhibiigaans pencil        


skoonwi he/she goes to school, is at school, studies gaasknaabaagwe he/she is thirsty
gindaasa he/she reads, counts giikiibngoshi he/she is sleepy
bmase he/she walks, is walking nbaa he/she is sleeping
zhi'biige he/she writes nakii he/she works, is working [at a job]
ndagkenjge he/she investigates, researches maajtaa he/she starts [doing something]
bkade he/she is hungry giizhiitaa he/she is finished [doing something]
gkinoo'maage he/she is teaching, teaches naawkwe-wiisni he/she eats lunch
nmadbi he/she is sitting dgoshin he/she arrives
biindge he/she enters, is welcome maajaa he/she leaves


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