Indigenous Sharing and Learning Centre

Academic and Indigenous Programs


ISLC Round Room

The Indigenous Sharing and Learning Centre (ISLC), led by Director Shelly Moore-Frappier, houses Indigenous Students Affairs. The ISLC, which officially opened on June 21, 2017, enhances cultural, social and supports academics for Indigenous learners. The Centre serves as a resource for Indigenous student success by achieving objectives set out in Laurentian’s 2012-2017 Strategic Plan. 

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Contact Information for the ISLC: 

Director: Shelly Moore-Frappier  ext. 4050  |
Secretary: Amy Comanda  ext. 4052 |
Traditional Resource Program Coordinator:
Elders on campus: Hilda Nadjiwan, Gerry Otowadjiwan, Winnie Pitawanakwat, Juliette St. Denis, Julia P., and Rob Spade.  

Traditional Resources: 

Indigenous Student Counsellor: Cynthia Belfitt  ext. 1048  |
Indigenous Community Outreach, Recruitment and Support Services Officer:  ext. 3413  |  
​Metis Outreach Coordinator: Bobbi Aubin  ext. 4051  | 
Learning Strategist: Rena Daviau  ext. 3057  | 
Auntie: Gail Charbonneau  ext. 1051  |


Last updated July 25, 2017.