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Konrad Gorski

Third-year Political Science student

Receiving a bursary is definitely something to be proud of, but receiving a bursary in someone’s memory is “quite an honour,” according to Konrad Gorski, a third-year student at Laurentian University.

As a recipient of the Keith Sinclair Memorial Bursary, Gorski, who is majoring in Political Science and minoring in French and Spanish, believes this sort of achievement sends “a good message” to students.

“This inspires me to keep moving forward,” Gorski said. “This individual is well educated and respected, and I am attempting to go through the same steps and path that he did.”

The Keith Sinclair Memorial Bursary is a planned gift established by the family and friends in memory of the late Keith Sinclair. It is a awarded to full-time students enrolled in a Political Science program, on the basis of academic standing, financial need, and Ontario residency by OSAP.

A planned gift is a great way of leaving a lasting legacy at Laurentian, as Mr. Keith Sinclair’s career serves as a prime example. Mr. Sinclair was the Chair of the Political Science Department, and was a member of virtually every departmental, faculty and university committee over the course of his 33 years at the University.

Gorski, whose parents are originally from Poland, said the idea of even being mentioned in the same breath as Mr. Sinclair makes him grateful for achieving such an award.

“I am a first generation student and my parents didn’t attend university,” Gorski said. “There are a lot of barriers and challenges that come with that, but it is quite an honour to have someone invest and believe in me. It sends a really powerful message.”

While this bursary inspires Gorski to continue to pursue a career in law or politics, it also encourages him to one day give back.

“It would simply be my duty to give back to the University,” said Gorski. “It would be such a great thing for me because I’ve received so much. Since I love this University, it would just be a joy. Receiving an award that represents someone of that stature helps out the students, and believe me, it gives a student a big boost. If I would make it, I would do the same.”

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