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Nelson Belzile

Nelson Belzile 

Full Professor

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Science, Engineering and Architecture


S-219, Science Building 

Sudbury Campus


705.675.1151 ext 2101705.675.1151 ext 2101

705.675.1151 ext


Nelson Belzile is an analytical and environmental chemist with several years of experience in the fields of geochemistry and limnology. He teaches environmental and analytical chemistry. He is also an invited professor at the Trent University of Peterborough and at several Chinese universities. He has published more than 100 scientific papers most of them dealing with the determination, speciation and geochemistry of hydride-forming trace elements.


  • B.Sc. Chemistry
  • M.Sc. Oceanography
  • Ph.D. Oceanography

Academic Appointments

Full Professor


Biogeochemical behaviour of toxic trace elements (Se, Hg, Sb, As, Te) in aquatic systems. Distribution, speciation and bioavailability.

Toxic effect of selenium in waterfowl.

Reactivity and valorization of mine tailings. Mine water treatment. Low-cost wastewater treatment.


Analytical and Environmental Chemistry


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 Chapters in Academic Books (refereed)

Belzile, N. (2014) Minerals, metals, toxicity and substitutes. In: Resources, Empire and Labour: Globalization Crises and Alternatives, D. Leadbeater (Ed.), Fernwood Publishers, 124-134.

Recent Selected Articles (in refereed journals)

Belzile, N. & Chen, Y.-W. (2017) Thallium in the environment: A critical review focussing on natural waters, soils, sediments and airborne particles. Applied Geochemistry, 84, 218-243.

Lock, A., Wallschläger, D., McMurdo, C., Tyler, L., Belzile, N., & Spiers, G.  (2016) Validation of an updated fractionation and indirect speciation procedure for inorganic arsenic in oxic and suboxic soils and sediments. Environmental Pollution, 219, 1102-1108.

Chen, Y.-W., Alizharani, A., Deng, T.-L.  & Belzile, N. (2016) Valence properties of tellurium in different chemical systems and its determination in refractory environmental samples using hydride generation–atomic fluorescence spectroscopy. Analytica Chimica Acta, 905, 42-50.

Belzile, N. & Chen, Y.-W. (2015) Tellurium in the environment: A critical review focussing on natural waters, soils, sediments and airborne particles. Applied Geochemistry, 63, 83-92.

Pizarro, J., Castillo, X., Jara, S., Ortiz, C., Navarro, P., Cid, H., Rioseco, H., Barros, D. & Belzile, N. (2015) Adsorption of Cu2+ on coal fly ash modified with functionalized mesoporous silica. Fuel, 156, 96-102.

Deng, T.-L., Wu, Y., Yu, X., Guo, Y., Chen, Y.-W. & Belzile, N. (2014) Seasonal variations of arsenic at the sediment-water interface of Poyang Lake, China. Applied Geochemistry,47, 170-176.

Truong, H.Y.T., Chen, Y.-W., Saleh, M., Nezhati, S., George, G.N., Pickering, I.J. & Belzile, N. (2014) Proteomics of Desulfovibrio desulfuricans and X-ray absorption spectroscopy to investigate mercury methylation in presence of selenium. Metallomics, 6, 465-475.

Filella, M., Belzile, N. & Chen, Y.-W. (2013) Human exposure to antimony. IV. Contents in human blood.  Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology,43, 2071-2105.

Brady, C., Petrie, S.A., Schummer, M.L., Badzinski, S.S.,  Belzile. N. & Chen, Y.-W. (2013)    Effects of dietary selenium on the health and survival of captive wintering lesser scaup. Environmental Pollution, 175, 8-15.

Truong, H.Y.T., Chen, Y.-W. & Belzile, N. (2013) Effect of sulfide, selenite and mercuric mercury on the growth and methylation capacity of the sulfate reducing bacterium Desulfovibrio desulfuricans. Science of the Total Environment, 449, 373-384.  

Filella, M., Belzile, N. & Chen, Y.-W. (2013) Human exposure to antimony. III. Contents in some human excreted biofluids (urine, milk, saliva).  Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, 43, 162-214.

Schummer, M.L., Course, C., Petrie, S.A., Badzinski, S.S., Chen, Y.-W. & Belzile. N. (2012) Hepatic concentrations of elemental contaminants and their relationships with nutrient reserves in Fall-migrant common loons at Lake Erie. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 62, 704-713.

Filella, M., Belzile, N. & Chen, Y.-W. (2012) Human exposure to antimony. II. Contents in some human tissues often used in biomonitoring (hair, nails, teeth).  Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, 42, 1052-1115.

Schummer, M.L., Petrie, S.A., Badzinski, S.S., Deming, M., Chen, Y.-W. & Belzile. N. (2011) Elemental contaminants in livers of mute swans on Lakes Erie and St. Clair. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 61, 677-687.

Martin, A.J., Simpson, S., Fawcett, S.,  Wiramanaden, C.I.E., Pickering, I.J., Belzile, N. & Chen, Y.-W., London, J., Wallschläger, D. (2011) Biochemical mechanisms of selenium exchange between water and sediments in two contrasting lentic environments. Environmental Science and Technology, 45, 2605-2612.

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Zhao, Q.X., Chen, Y.-W., Montaut, S., Joly, H.A., Wang, M. & Belzile, N. (2010) Synthesis, identification and analytical features of high purity trimethylselenonium iodide. Journal of Sulfur Chemistry, 31, 373-385.

Chen, Y.-W. & Belzile, N. (2010) High performance liquid chromatography coupled to atomic fluorescence spectrometry for the speciation of the hydride and chemical vapour-forming elements As, Se, Sb and Hg: A critical review. Analytica Chimica Acta, 671, 9-26.

Zhao, Q.X., Chen, Y.-W., Belzile, N. & Wang, M. (2010) Low volume microwave digestion and direct determination of selenium in biological samples by hydride generation-atomic fluorescence spectrometry. Analytica Chimica Acta, 665-123-128.

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