The Faculty of Management’s tenure track faculty are actively engaged in pursuing research activities.  In addition to traditional scholarly research, a large number of faculty members are also involved in pedagogical development activities through authoring and revision of undergraduate and graduate level online courses.

The following lists 20 sample references published within the past 5 years.


Research Area: Sport Management


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Research Areas: International Management, Entrepreneurship, Teaching Effectiveness, Organizational Behaviour, Finance


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Research Centers and Institutes


Institute for Sports Management (ISM)

The Institute for Sport Marketing (ISM) is a research center at the Laurentian University Sudbury campus, specializing in sport marketing and management research. Since its launch in 2001, the ISM has collaborated with sport organizations, agencies, cities, charities, corporations, and municipalities on applied research projects to find better ways to resource sport in Canada. The ISM continually strives towards two main goals: to publish in peer-reviewed management journals, and to provide useful information to its partners.