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About Us

Faculty of Health

Welcome to the Faculty of Health!

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The Faculty of Health is comprised of over 45 different health and wellness programs, many offered in both official languages, ranging from undergraduate to the doctoral level. They are designed to provide students a wealth of knowledge and work experience through placements and internships. The programs are offered by the Schools of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work, Indigenous Relations, Human Kinetics, Speech-Language Pathology, Interdisciplinary Rural and Northern Health and the Department of Gerontology. Our interdisciplinary approach considers the unique aspects of Northern Ontario, which include indigenous and francophone communities. 

Our accredited programs deliver quality experiences to smaller size classes with access to Professors. Students go on to become professionals in health care or pursue other career paths in health research and other health and wellness fields. Our graduates are readily sought by employers who recognize the quality education and training that Laurentian health and wellness programs offer.  The adventure is yours to discover.

Our Mission

Members of the Faculty of Health strive to address health and well-being from a holistic perspective, which includes mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions. We endeavor to advocate for and promote healthy ways of living through the provision of teaching, research and student centered learning environments that embrace the bilingual, tric-ultural and inter-professional needs and inspirations of the Faculty's units and its students.