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About Us

Welcome to the Faculty of Education!

At Laurentian, we offer fully accredited, initial teacher education programs in both of Canada’s official languages.  Students in our concurrent education program study in the School of Education in English, and have the opportunity to pursue two undergraduate degrees over a five-year period. Our French language programming is offered through a consecutive, B.Ed. after degree program, where, students pursue a 60-credit program at the École des sciences de l’éducation. Our programs offer field experiences that not only fulfil the practicum requirements of certification by the Ontario College of Teachers, but also provide students with opportunities to gain a wealth of knowledge and practical experiences related to the teaching profession.

As Dean, I am proud of the Laurentian experience we offer at the Faculty of Education -- like the unique Northern Ontario context in which we are situated, we are attentive to community and committed to making a positive difference!


Lace Marie Brogden, PhD

Dean, Faculty of Education

Quick Facts

To qualify to teach in the publicly-funded school systems of Ontario, all prospective teachers must acquire a B.Ed. from a post secondary institution accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers. This qualification can also lead to employment opportunities in other provinces and territories, as well as in countries around the world. 

Laurentian University offers both concurrent (English language stream) and consecutive (French language stream) B.Ed. programs.

Our faculty is home to:

  • the School of Education, where students can pursue a 5-year combined program of studies leading to two Bachelor degrees (one in Education, and one in a partner program such as Arts, Science or Human Kinetics)
  • the École des sciences de l'éducation, where students who already have a first degree can pursue a 60 credit after degree program leading to a Bachelor of Education degree
  • the Centre for Academic Development, where teachers who already hold a valid OCT membership are able to pursue professional development opportunties including Additional Basic Qualifications (ABQs) and Additional Qualifications (AQs)


Located on Laurentian's beautiful main campus, our faculty is in close proximity to the Ben F. Avery Gymnasium and is just steps away from over 2,415 acres of protected green space and walking trails in the Laurentian Conservation Area.

Our History

History of the Faculty of Education


Year Dean
2016- present Lace Marie Brogden


Roger Couture, Acting Dean



History of the Faculties of Health and of Education


Year Associate Deans Dean (National) Dean’s Student Scholar



Elena Hunt

George Sheppard

Line Tremblay


Roger Couture


History of the Faculty of Professional Schools (1975-2013)


Year Vice-Dean Associate Deans Deans Awards
2013   Elena Hunt 
Roger Couture
(2010 - 2016)

(National) Dean's Student Scholar: Camille Boulay (Human Kinetics)
National Student Leadership in Health Award : Alexandra Eaton
Faculty Teaching Excellence Award: Pamela Toulouse

2012 Michel Larivière (francophone)
Vince Salyers (anglophone)
    (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Pascale King (Nursing)
Faculty Research Excellence Award: Tammy Eger
Faculty Teaching Excellence Award: Patricia Pickard
2011 Michel Larivière (francophone)
Emily Donato (anglophone)
Christine Blais 
  (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Maaike Zeeman (Social Work)
2010 Michel Larivière (francophone)
Sharolyn Mossey (anglophone)
    (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Rebecca Moynes (Human Kinetics)
2009 Michel Larivière (francophone)
Sharolyn Mossey (anglophone)
  Huguette Blanco (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Oksana Motalo (Nursing)
2008 Michel Larivière (francophone)
Sharolyn Mossey (anglophone)
  Anne-Marie Mawhiney 
(National) Dean's Student Scholar: Chelsea Beaton (Promotion de la Santé)
2007 Pat Pickard (anglophone)
Michel Larivière (francophone)
    (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Katie Goggins (Kinesiology)
2006 Pat Pickard (anglophone)     (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Allison Forrest (School of Education)
2005 Pat Pickard (anglophone)
Céline Boudreau-Larivière (francophone)
    (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Marnie Smith (Human Kinetics)
2004 Pat Pickard (anglophone)
Céline Boudreau-Larivière (francophone)
    (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Stephen Allan Smith (Human Kinetics)
2003 Pat Pickard (anglophone)
Céline Boudreau-Larivière (francophone)
    (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Nicole Dubuc (Sports Psychology)
2002 Pat Pickard (anglophone)
Michel-André Beauvolsk (francophone)
    (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Jessica Beaton (Outdoor Leadership)
2001 Marie-Luce Garceau (francophone)
Reza Sina (anglophone)
  Joan Mount 
(National) Dean's Student Scholar: Tierney Hoo (Human Kinetics)
2000 Marie-Luce Garceau (francophone)
Reza Sina (anglophone)
    (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Stéphanie Meunier (Sports Administration)
1999 Anita Pelletier     (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Sean Ludwig (Sports Administration)
1998 Anita Pelletier     (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Lindsay Huebner (Kinesiology)
1997 Brenda Jacono (anglophone)
Huguette Beaudoin (francophone)
    (National) Dean's Student Scholar: David Clarke (Kinesiology)
1996 Brenda Jacono (anglophone)
Huguette Beaudoin (francophone)
    (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Anne Biggar (Social Work)
1995 Brenda Jacono (anglophone)
Huguette Beaudoin (francophone)
    (National) Dean's Student Scholar: Kevin Kroft (Commerce)  
1994 Terry Zinger (anglophone)
Elvine Gignac-Pharand (francophone) 
1993 Terry Zinger (anglophone)
Michel Guay (francophone)
  Pierre Roberge 
1992 Pat Pickard (anglophone)
Elvine Gignac-Pharand (francophone)
1991 Pat Pickard (anglophone)
Elvine Gignac-Pharand (francophone)
1989     Ken Bastin-Millar
1986     Wendy Gerhard
1981     David Hildrup
1979     R.J.H. Liljelund

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Lace Marie Brogden, PhD Dean, Faculty of Education   5151
Lisette Legault Business Manager   5151