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Faculty of Arts

Our Program Offerings

Undergraduate Programs - Certificates for B.A. Students - Graduate Programs


Undergraduate Programs (B.A.)

Programs in the Faculty of Arts may be offered in French only, in English only, or in both official languages. 

To learn about our program offerings and the degree options available, click HERE

Certificates for B.A. Students

Students completing a B.A. degree can obtain a certificate at the same time without having to take any additional courses beyond those required for the degree. Some Certificates are also available to students who are not seeking a degree. 

To learn more about our Certificate programs, click HERE.  

Graduate Programs

Graduate students in the Faculty of Arts have a choice of five Masters programs and one Ph.D. program. The thesis titles of recent graduates provide a window into the major streams of research conducted by graduate students at Laurentian University since 2010. 

To learn more about our graduate programs, click HERE


Revised February 24, 2016.