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French as a Second Language

French proficiency is a valuable asset, in so many ways.


The FRENCH Program (French as a Second Language) is for anglophones and allophones who want to learn to interact in French, verbally and in writing, and are also smitten with the French language and culture.

Since there is more to French than just grammar, the program is comprised of a range of French language, literature, linguistic and culture courses, providing quality, comprehensive training in the field.

Further, courses take into account francophone cultural events happening in the area, in which faculty and students alike take part. While participating in these events, students are in direct contact with francophones and the francophone culture.


Key Features

Community partnerships include: Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario, l’Orignal déchaîné, Éditions Prise de parole, ACFAS, Radio-Canada, Le Voyageur, La Nuit sur l’Étang, Centre Sablé at the University of Toronto, student outings (movie/theatre nights, etc.).
Guests speakers have included: Joël Beddows, Jean-Marc Dalpé, Marcel Aymar, Geneviève Pineault (theatre); Michel Dallaire, Doric Germain, Daniel Aubin, Hédi Bouraoui, Melchior Mbonimpa (poets and novelists); Robert Paquette (singer/songwriter); Alain Doom (actor); Denise Truax (editor), etc.
Access to electronic language tools and a language lab.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the B.A. in French may choose to pursue studies in education to obtain their teaching degree or enrol in graduate studies. A degree in French as a Second Language is also the foundation for careers in various fields, such as teaching, public relations, civil service, working in colleges or universities, etc.

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