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Ann Pegoraro

Ann Pegoraro

Full Professor

School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences
B-239, B.F.Avery Physical Education Centre Sudbury Campus


Ann Pegoraro is the Director of the Institute for Sport Marketing (ISM) and holds an appointment as a Full Professor in the School of Human Kinetics, all at Laurentian University. Dr. Pegoraro holds a doctorate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and an MBA degree from Laurentian University.


  • Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2006
  • MBA, Laurentian University, 1994
  • Post-Grad Diploma, Public Administration, Laurentian University, 1994
  • Honours BA, Laurentian University, 1991

Academic Appointments

Full Professor, School of Human Kinetics

Cross appointed, School of the Environment (Science Communication)

Adjunct Professor School of Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa

Adjunct Professor, Department of Communications Studies, Huntington University

On The Web



Dr. Pegoraro's research focuses mainly on sport consumers, marketing and communication, including how different forms of media are used to establish connections with consumers of sport at all levels from amateur to professional. Dr Pegoraro's work has been published in the Journal of Broadcast and Electronic Media, International Journal of Sport Communication, Communication and Sport, American Behavioral Scientist, Journal of Sport Management, the International Journal of Sport Marketing and Management and the Journal of Sponsorship.



SCOM 5136 - Communicating Science through New Media

PHED 5026/27 - MHK Seminar 

PHED 4707  - Special Topics: Social Marketing 

PHED 3146 - Health Promotion in the Corporate Setting


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