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Advanced Clinical Skills I

This is a short intensive course of 6 days using workshop format to focus on emergency interventions, evidenced based managements of prenatal and intrapartum situations and intermediate level clinical skills required for the provision of full scope midwifery care. The course will use a combination of pre-readings or e-learning modules, short lectures and practical sessions using simulated clinical learning opportunities. The emphasis will be on development of hands-on clinical skills and knowledge required to act as a primary care provider. The course may use existing course formats such as the Society of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists of Canada ALARM course. The ALARM component of the course may be offered at a separate time from the rest of the course in order to meet SOGC requirements for how ALARM may be offered. Issues addressed in the course include fetal monitoring, repair of the perineum, intravenous therapy, advanced skills in pelvic examinations and conducting birth, the newborn in transition, breastfeeding challenges, pharmacological pain relief, inducting of labour, and evidence-based management of common complications of pregnancy and labour. cr 3