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Advanced Environmental Anthropology Field Studies

This course provides a hands-on opportunity to learn about field methods in environmental anthropology. The key components are research design, field research, and final reporting. Project topics vary depending on the geographic location, but may include local and sustainable use of natural resources, primatological research, poaching and conservation management, marine turtle nesting, and community conservation. PREREQ: at least 3 credits in ANTR from the 2000 or 3000 level or ENSC 1406 and ENVI 1507 and permission of the instructor. (tut 1, sem 1, exp 1) cr 6. Note: Project development, design, and research take place in the first part of the course, data collection and refinement of projects is conducted in the second part in a field setting, and the final report is written in the third part.

Northern and Community Studies