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School of Indigenous Relations

Aanii Boozhoo, Greetings, Bonjour.

The School of Indigenous Relations offers two programs for students: the Honours Indigenous Social Work (BISW) bachelor program (On-campus and Distance Ed on a part-time basis only) and the Master of Indigenous Relations (MIR) program (On-campus). 

The INDIGENOUS SOCIAL WORK (BISW) program was developed by the Aboriginal community in collaboration with the faculty and endorsed by the Robinson-Huron Chiefs.  It celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013. 

The MASTER OF INDIGENOUS RELATIONS program was developed by the Indigenous faculty at Laurentian in collaboration with Aboriginal communities and students.  It is the first Indigenous Master’s program in Northern Ontario, and it received its first cohort of eight students in September 2014.

Field Practicum Hub

If you are ready to begin your field practicum, this is the place for you.

Dr. Taima Moeke-Pickering

Interim Director