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Campus Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan plays an important role in shaping the evolution of the campus. Along with the Strategic Plan and the Capital Plan, it serves as a long term decision-making framework to guide the physical evolution of the campus. As such, the Campus Master Plan should figure prominently in the University’s planning processes. It should be referred to at the outset of and during all development planning and design processes so that it can effectively influence the evolution of the design of the project. All decisions regarding the physical form and ongoing management of the campus should be consistent with, and make reference to, the Campus Master Plan. The Plan should also be widely distributed amongst members of the Board, staff, faculty, students and members of the broader Laurentian community.



The Laurentian University Sudbury Campus is a destination of choice for students, faculty, staff, and members of the Greater Sudbury community. The Sudbury Campus is a leader in sustainability, advanced research, and innovation. It is a modern campus epitomized by the high quality of its facilities, open spaces, and landscapes. It is an active, vibrant village of connected spaces that encourage walking and cycling, and that supports transit use. It is a jewel of Northern Ontario that celebrates its natural and cultural history. It is an open, inviting part of the City of Greater Sudbury, and a resource that supports the local community.



  • Build upon our unique identity, heritage, and areas of strength;
  • Connect people, places, and programs;
  • Cluster activity, services, and amenities to build vibrancy and foster synergies;
  • Improve movement to, and within, the Sudbury Campus;
  • Cultivate an environment that is welcoming;
  • Become sustainable, adaptable, and resilient;


Download the Campus Master Plan