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Why choose LU?

As I enter my fourth year, I’ve started to look back on the reasons why I chose to attend Laurentian – I remember applying on a whim, thinking I’d never want to spend four years living in a Northern city I knew nothing about. And yet, here I am – three years later, and completely in love with Laurentian and the city!

So, in case you’re wondering why to choose LU, I thought I’d share just a few of the amazing things LU has to offer that I’ve learned along the way (and, since there are so many great things about LU, this will be a series of posts)!

A lake

No caption needed.


The campus

First things first: the school is great, and the teachers are fantastic. But above all, LU offers something truly unique – a beautiful campus, complete with six lakes (the most lakes found on any Canadian university campus), as well as hiking, biking, skiing and conservation trails, and LU’s very own beach! You can regularly find rabbits and foxes touring campus with you, and even though the campus is quite large, many of the buildings are close together – some of which are actually connected via underground tunnel for your convenience during the cold winter months.

While many Canadian universities host some sort of mock-parliament event, LU’s is special for many reasons, the two most prominent being that Model Parliament is open to all students, rather than just those studying law or poli-sci, and that LU is one of the only Canadian schools which actually takes students to Ottawa and hosts their mock parliament in the House of Commons at Parliament Hill. The three-day event is always very popular with students, and last year Kathleen Wynne even made an appearance. You can also check out student bloggers’ posts  here.


The Language

While bilingualism is becoming more popular in Canada, LU remains one of only two Canadian universities which are completely bilingual, and was actually the first university to become certified as bilingual. And if French is your preferred language at all times, the University of Sudbury even offers a French-speaking section of residence. You can check out the French student blogs here, and find a complete list of LU’s French and English programs on the school website, here.

And that’s all for now! Check out next week’s post to see what other great things LU has to offer students, and please comment below if you have anything to add to the list!