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School of Nursing

Laurentian University has a long-standing history of offering undergraduate and graduate nursing programs in English and French.

The Laurentian University School of Nursing/École des sciences infimières has prepared students to enter the nursing profession for over 50 years. In addition, it offers students opportunities to earn a Master of Science in Nursing (MScN) and Nurse Practitioner (NP) credentialing. The School of Nursing, through its offering of programs in both French and English, offer a valued and essential contribution to the health care system in Northeastern Ontario and beyond.

Undergraduate Programs

Laurentian University offers two distinctly different undergraduate programs, one in English and one in French. The 4-year English Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) degree and 4-Year French Baccalauréat en sciences infirmières programs are both nationally accredited by the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing and provincially approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario. As such, graduates of these programs are eligible to write the national licensing exam (NCLEX) and apply for registration as a Registered Nurse in Ontario. In the undergraduate curriculum, students engage in classroom, laboratory, and clinical learning experiences in both acute care and non-acute settings. Students have the opportunity to practice nursing within a variety of contexts and with diverse populations.

Graduates of the BScN program will be prepared to meet entry to practice competencies and standards, engage in self-directed professional practice, and make professional decisions guided by evidence-informed nursing knowledge using clinical reasoning and critical thinking. Graduates work collaboratively with clients and other allied health professionals and contribute to and influence nursing and health care at professional, political, and societal levels by anticipating and responding to the evolving needs of society.

For over two decades, the School of Nursing English BScN degree program has been offered through formal collaborative agreements with college partners including Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Sciences, Northern College of Applied Arts and Sciences, and Sault College of Applied Arts and Science. In 2005, a formal collaborative agreement was expanded to include St. Lawrence College (Kingston, Cornwall and Brockville sites). These incredible collaborations have made the English BScN program accessible to students across the province through formal partnership agreements.

Given the evolving context of nursing education, as of July 1, 2024, Laurentian University’s English BScN program will no longer be offered in collaboration with St. Lawrence College (Kingston, Cornwall, Brockville). As of July 1, 2025, Laurentian University’s English BScN program will no longer be offered in collaboration with Sault College or Cambrian College. The single educational institution that will remain in a collaborative partnership with Laurentian University’s English BScN program beyond July 1, 2025, is Northern College in Timmins.

The School of Nursing/École des sciences infirmières also offers a Baccalauréat en sciences infirmières pour infirmiers et infirmières auxiliaires autorisés (BSIAA) and *Baccalauréat en sciences infirmières autorisés à distance (BSIA). 

English Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

The School of Nursing/École des sciences infirmières also offers a Master of Science in Nursing (MScN) program in English and French with four streams including Nurse Practitioner (clinical stream), Advanced Practice Nursing (course-based stream), Thesis (research stream), and Post Nurse Practitioner Certificate (course-based stream). All streams in the MScN program are delivered remotely with the exception of onsite requirements for the Nurse Practitioner program. These streams produce graduates who have the knowledge, values, attitudes, and competencies to service diverse populations in small urban, northern rural, and remote communities. Students develop a rich understanding of nursing and its relationship to the context of healthcare service delivery and policy issues. We also offer a Master of Health Administration program in both French and English.

The faculty and staff of the Laurentian University School of Nursing look forward to welcoming new and returning students to our undergraduate and graduate programs. 

Contact Us

Name Title Extension Office Email

McMillan Boyles, Christina

Director 3711 L-513

Clément, Cassandre

Administrative Assistant 3800 L-512

Lafontaine, Carole

Administrative Assistant 6589 L-514A      
Letourneau, Courtney Admin. Assistant for Graduate Programs 3780 L-524/remote


Clinical Placements

Name Title Extension Office Email

Séguin, Chantal

Placement Coordinator 3802 L-515

Lafrenière, Nicole

Facilitatrice Placement Clinique-BScInf 3710 L-859

Montgomery, Phyllis

Clinical Placement Facilitator-BScN 3818 L-518


Program Coordinators*

Name Title Extension Office Email

Lafrenière, Nicole

*Baccalauréat en sciences infirmières (BScInf)
*Baccalauréat en sciences infirmières pour infirmiers et infirmières auxiliaires autorisés (BSIAA)
3710 L-859

Montgomery, Phyllis

*Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) 3818 L-518

Donato, Emily

*Master of Science in Nursing (MScN)
*Master of Health Administration (MHA)
*Maîtrise en sciences infirmières (MScInf)
*Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHCNP)
*Infirmiers praticiens et infirmières praticiennes 
3971 L-522

Bertrand, Emilie

*Baccalauréat en sciences infirmières autorisés à distance 3707 L-511

Westaway, Heather 

*BScN Collaborative Program Clerk 3814 L-514


Full-time Faculty

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Donato, Emily

Associate Professor 3807 L525

Duff Cloutier, Julie

Assistant Professor 3815 L-913

Duncan, Craig

Assistant Professor 3716 L-915

Gagnon, Lissa

Assistant Professor 3705 L-917

Giguère, Lisa

Chargée d’enseignement 3732 L-808A

Gorham, Robyn

Associate Professor 3737 L-522

Heale, Roberta

Full Professor  3971 L-923

Horrigan, Judith

Associate Professor  3718 L-521

Hudyma, Shirlene

Assistant Professor 3708 L-519

Koren, Irene

Assistant Professor 3805 L-909

Lafrenière, Nicole

Chargée d’enseignement 3710 L-859

Larocque, Sylvie

Professeure titulaire 3804 L-858

Leduc, Sylvain

Chargé d’enseignement 3923 L-810A

Lindenbach, Jeannette

Professeur agrégé 3824 L-821

McMillan Boyles, Christina

Assistant Professor 3711 L-513

Montgomery, Phyllis

Full Professor 3818 L-518

Mossey, Sharolyn

Assistant Professor 3813 L-930A

Muray, Kalum

Professeur adjoint 3816 L-855

Rietze, Lori

Assistant Professor 3719 L-932

St-Denis, Yvonne

Professeure adjointe 3801 L-857


Lab Technicians

Name Title Extension Office Email

Plante, Line

Technicienne de laboratoire à temps-plein 5056 L-810

Kramp, Stephanie

Technicienne de laboratoire à temps-partiel 3728 L-810

Pascal, Mary-Ellen

Full-time Laboratory technologist 3714 L-912

Quesnel, Christine

Full-time Laboratory Technologist 3731 L-925