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School of Liberal Arts

The School of Liberal Arts focuses on understanding the range of human experience and expression in law, culture, and language in contemporary and historical perspectives. We support learning and research in such disciplines as English Literature, Media, and Writing; French as a Second Language;  Law & Justice; and History. Our professors are leading scholars, advancing their fields through publications and collaborations. Students benefit from the guidance of award-winning specialists supporting their growth in the classroom, in one-on-one learning, and in virtual spaces. Connections beyond disciplines empower Indigenous Interdisciplinary Studies, including land-based immersion options, and custom-designed programs in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Through their studies in the Liberal Arts, our students acquire analytic and expressive skills equipping them to be outstanding thinkers, communicators, creators, and innovators. Undergraduate students can pursue programs in both French and English, in-person and online. Our graduates complete programs ranging from specializations and majors in the four-year B.A. and concentrations in the three-year B.A. to minors and certificates.  Professors in the School of Liberal Arts contribute to the Interdisciplinary M.A. in Relational Studies and the Ph.D. in Human Studies and Interdisciplinarity, housed in the Faculty of Arts.

Huguette Beaulne

Administrative Assistant

French as a Second Language; History; Indigenous Interdisciplinary Studies; Interdisciplinary Studies / Études interdisciplinaires

Emy-Anne Adam

Administrative Assistant

Droit et Justice; English Literature, Media, and Writing; Law & Justice programs