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School of Education

The English-language concurrent Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program admits approximately 115 students yearly. It provides an innovative alternative to the consecutive teacher education programs that typically involve an additional two years after the completion of an undergraduate degree. Students in our five-year concurrent education program complete a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Indigenous Social Work or Bachelor of Kinesiology while taking courses to meet the requirements for entry into the Professional Year (5th year).

Students enter the concurrent education program in the junior/intermediate stream (grades 4-10). In the junior/intermediate program, B.Ed. candidates must earn at least 18 credits in one teachable subject (i.e. English, French, History, Geography, Science, Indigenous Studies, Mathematics, Religious studies, Music [instrumental, vocal], Health and Physical Education). Students are able to change the stream they are in up until the December 31st of their fourth year.

Students who wish to eventually teach at the senior level (grades 11-12) should earn 18 credits in one teachable subject in order to be eligible for admission to an Additional Basic Qualification (ABQ) course in the senior division after completing their B.Ed.

Interested in the Education program? Get a sneak peek into the day in the life of an education student!

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