Centre for Humanities Research and Creativity


The Centre for Humanities Research and Creativity (CHRC) facilitates research and creative projects that bring the academic excellence and artistic capability of the Humanities to both theoretical study and practical application.

To support Laurentian University’s innovative research initiatives, CHRC provides an institutional space for expertise in such fields as cultural studies, education, fine arts, history, languages, literature, music, philosophy and politics to generate research ideas inside the Humanities as well as through interdisciplinary collaborations.  

CHRC promotes the engagement of higher learning and cultural development by collaborating with community arts groups and by working in the media arts. As well, CHRC seeks to produce and communicate knowledge resulting from an integrated approach to advanced research in the Humanities.


Research Clusters

Research clusters provide means for collaboration, focused discussion, and exchanging ideas for people on and off campus. Established research clusters affiliated with the CHRC include the Pedagogy Research Cluster and the Feminist Research Cluster. Research clusters generally meet to discuss ideas, issues, or particular areas of research and creativity; they might stage open discussions or conferences; they might produce grant applications and collaborative writing.

The CHRC can provide limited support for material costs such as photocopying, networking support for different constituents on campus, a virtual web home, and physical meeting space in the Centre’s physical location.