Business Administration - International Management

Start a career on the global stage and prepare yourself to make an impact in the business world.


Laurentian is one of three Canadian institutions that participate in the International Student Exchange Program, offering opportunities to study in one of 160 member institutions in more than 49 countries around the world.

Graduates holding a BBA in International Management are prepared to develop their own international companies and/or to initiate careers with exporting firms, organizations involved with various types of exchanges abroad, international organizations such as the World Bank and the U.N. 

Gain a thorough understanding above and beyond traditional business knowledge and set yourself on a path to play a pivotal role in consulting firms, brokerage, shipping and trade firms or public institutions including government branches and agencies dealing with international trade affairs. International Management professors have extensive international experience in a variety of business and organizational/institutional/government areas, which provides students with practical, up-to-date information and knowledge, unavailable in textbbooks or on the Internet. 

Students also develop practical skills through collaboration and experiential exercises, role-plays and case studies.

Key Features

Students are exposed to problems and perspectives of marketing within various countries in terms of specific business, environmental and ethical contexts.
Specific subject areas include the international environment, corporate strategy, foreign exchange markets, theories of foreign exchange determination, measurement and management of foreign exchange risks, global financing strategies, and investment and risk management decisions.
Small classes allow for more interaction among students and direct access to professors.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can rest assured knowing there is a multitude of career options they can explore post-graduation. Some career options include, but are not limited to:

  • Exporter
  • Logistics and import-export manager
  • Global trade broker
  • Insurance agent
  • Wealth manager
  • Underwriter
  • Portfolio manager
  • UN agent
  • World Bank project leader
  • International affairs manager

Many of these careers can be found in the public and private sector.

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