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Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA program at Laurentian University is geared for your fast-paced, highly competitive world. Put us to the test.

Become your employer’s biggest asset

The Laurentian University MBA goes beyond the development of business knowledge.  The interactive learning experiences online and on-campus will focus on the application of theory through action – building competencies that employers want from their business leaders.

Flexible • Accessible

Applicants can be admitted to the fully online delivery option with annual entry point in September.  With no on-campus requirement, learning from where and when is truly up to you. This format is ideal for business professionals that need the flexibility of balancing work with family and community commitments.

Academic Advisor

Dr. Rana Haq

Telephone: 705-675-1151 x2128


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Delivery Method: On campus/Online
Program Language: English

Who is learning online?

  • Business professionals working in a full-time capacity
  • 55% of online learners are female
  • Average of 13 years of intermediate level work experience
  • Average of 43 years of age (up to early 70’s)
  • 60% of learners are located in Ontario
  • Great cultural diversity among the student population

Students who have graduated with a business degree from a recognized university, and who meet the eligibility requirements, can receive advanced standing. As such, these students  could complete the two-year program in an accelerated, one year basis.

Who is learning on-campus?

  • Recent business graduates
  • International graduates who want to complement their education and experience with a North American graduate degree
  • Recent university graduates from non-business degrees with a minor in management
  • Local business professionals studying part-time (mainly from the mining, health, public and education sectors) 


The Laurentian University MBA provides the best value for your dollar. Earn while you learn through the online learning option and take as little as one course annually to keep active in the program.  Advanced standing towards the Business Foundations of the MBA can provide substantial time and cost savings. Full-time domestic students can also access Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) opportunities.

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Fast-track option

Complete your program in less than one year with our fast-track option!

Graduates of undergraduate business programs will be assessed towards the fast-track MBA with advanced standing provided for the Business Foundations portion of the program. 

Applicants with less than 2 years of intermediate level experience will be required to complete an additional 3-credit experiential learning course. 

Applicants will be assessed for advanced standing towards courses in the Business Foundations level (provided that they received a minimum of 70% in equivalent courses as assessed by the MBA Admissions Committee) for a maximum of 21 credits towards the degree.

In order to be admitted to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Laurentian University, you must meet the minimum admission requirements and submit a complete application package.

Minimum admission requirements:

  • 4-year undergraduate degree from a recognized university or equivalent and a score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). The combination of GPA and GMAT score must correspond to the table below. *
  • Meet the minimum Laurentian University language requirements 


Laurentian GPA

GMAT Score

High C (65%)

4.5 - 4.6

600 or more

C+ (66-69%)

4.7 - 5.4

575 or more

B (70-74%)

5.5 - 6.4

550 or more

B+ (75-79%)

6.5 - 7.4

525 or more

A (80%)

7.5 or over

500 or more


* Applicants with significant intermediate-level work experience may apply without a GMAT and will be required to submit a GMAT waiver with their application package.

Please note that a GMAT score is valid for 5 years after the date of issue. The Office of Admissions will not accept GMAT scores that do not meet this criteria.

Notice: Applicants who have attended post-secondary institutions outside of North America, must have their foreign transcripts and diplomas assessed by World Education Services (WES). Laurentian University requires a WES Credential Evaluation Report, including a Course-by-Course Analysis. WES evaluations must be sent directly to the Office of Admissions.


Application process:

Step 1. Click here to submit the online application. Once students have applied, they will receive instructions (typically within 48 hours) from the Office of Admissions leading them to the myLaurentian portal. Sign-in credentials will be provided in the correspondence received from the Office of Admissions upon successful completion and payment of an application.

The following documents will be required in order to complete the application:

  • Three Reference Forms (to begin the process click on "Reference Submission" on the left-hand navigation menu in the myLaurentian portal)
  • Statement of Interest (to be uploaded via myLaurentian)
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume (to be uploaded via myLaurentian)
  • Official GMAT Test Report or GMAT Waiver Request Form (form available via myLaurentian) 
  • Official Academic Transcript(s) from all post-secondary studies* (Please note that current or prior Laurentian University students do not need to request transcripts)  

*Please note that official transcripts or WES course-by-course (for institutions attended outside of North America) must come directly to the Office of Admissions from the previous post-secondary institution by requesting at the time of your application or by contacting the institution's Registrar's Office.


Step 2. Once the Admissions Office receives all information and the application is deemed complete, the application will be forwarded to the department.  The MBA Admissions Committee meets to review the applications.


Step 3. The MBA Admissions Committee will review all applications on file and make a decision regarding the suitability of each applicant.  The MBA  Committee will then make a recommendation to the School of Graduate Studies at Laurentian University. Graduate Studies will verify the dossier and if satisfactory, it will be forwarded to the Office of Admissions at Laurentian University to process the offer. 


Step 4: If approved for admission, the Office of Admissions will send the student an offer of admission via myLaurentian (located in the documents section).  Applicants wishing to accept the offer of admission must indicate their response on myLaurentian within 3 weeks of receiving the offer. 



Admission to the MBA program is competitive and will be based on the MBA Admission Committee’s relative rankings of applications. The Committee will review each application individually and assess each applicant’s own combination of prior education and unique strengths in determining the applicant’s ability to successfully undertake the MBA program.


1. Check your program requirements

You can find your program requirements on this page, under admission requirements. For some Graduate programs you will need to secure a supervisor as part of your application process. You can find if you need to contact a supervisor on the how to apply to graduate programs page.

2. Complete your Application

Once you have reviewed your program requirements you can apply through the graduate application portal. This will take you to an external site, hosted by OUAC. Within 48 business hours of submitting your application you will receive an email with further instructions.

Apply Now

3. Setup your myLaurentian account and upload your documentation

Once your application has been received by Laurentian University, you will receive an email that contains information on accessing your myLaurentian Portal where you will continue the application process. To activate your account, visit the myLaurentian Portal and click the yellow bar "New to Laurentian".

Please note that the submission of items on the “My Checklist” is solely the obligation of the applicant. Please review this list carefully in order to complete your application.

Learn more on our how to apply to graduate programs page.

Detailed How To Apply
Note for Current Students

The degree options listed below are for the upcoming academic year, not the current academic year. If you are a current student looking for which courses to take in order to complete your degree options from a previous academic year's curriculum, please consult with an academic advisor.

Students must follow these regulations while in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Effective September 2016, COMM course codes will be replaced with ACCT, MGMT, MKTG, OPER and FNCE codes. This table explains the course equivalencies to help students and others understand the transition to the new course codes.


MBA – General Management  (ALSO OFFERED ONLINE)

The MBA program is comprised of foundations, core, capstone, and experiential learning courses for a total of 45 credits.  Advanced standing can be assessed towards the foundations courses and the work integrated learning course only. A set of 15 credits of advanced standings is awarded to CPA, or CPA candidates enrolled in the Professional Experience Program (PEP).  A minimum of 30 credits or 33 credits (if the student has no prior work experience) is required to complete the MBA program (residency requirement). 


Foundations courses (21 credits)

ACCT 5001E     Accounting

FNCE 5001E     Fundamentals of Finance

FNCE 5506E     Managerial Economics

HROB 5001E     Organizational Behaviour

MKTG 5001E     Marketing

OPER 5001E     Business Statistics

OPER 5011E     Operations Management


Core courses (6 credits)

FNCE 5101E     Corporate Finance

MGMT 5101E     Ethical Leadership

Capstone course (3 credits)

MGMT 5121E     Strategic Management


Work Integrated Learning Program (3 credits)

This course is required ONLY for students assessed with less than 2 years of intermediate work experience at the time of admission.

MGMT 5901E     Work Integrated Learning


***Elective courses (12 credits)  General Management Option

Students select 12 elective credits in the MBA from courses with code ACCT, FNCE, MGMT, MKTG and OPER. (5000 level)


***For the option in Analytics and Operations, students must replace the 12 credits of elective courses with:

Required (6 credits) 

OPER 5002E     Management Science

OPER 5101E     Management Information System

Electives (6 credits) from:

OPER 5102E     Project Management

OPER 5151E     Business Analytics

MGMT 5301E     Corporate Social Responsibility: Mining Companies, First Nations Context

OPER 5141E     Applied Research in Operations

OPER 5905E     Research in Operations 


***For the option in Global Management, students must replace the 12 credits of elective courses with:

Required (6 credits)

MGMT 5111E     Global Management

MGMT 5131E     Consulting Project

elective credits (6 credits) from:

MKTG 5121E     Advanced Marketing Planning

MGMT 5201E     Leading by Design

MGMT 5301E     Corporate Social Responsibility

MGMT 5211E     Learning Organizations

MGMT 5906E     Current Topics in Administration

MGMT 5916E     Management Research Methodology

MGMT 5917E     Applied Research in Management

MGMT 5905E     Marketing & Management Research




To graduate with the MBA degree a student must:
Achieve a minimum a grade of “C” in each MBA course;
Achieve a minimum GPA of 5.5 on all MBA courses; and
Complete a minimum of 30 credits of MBA courses at Laurentian University.

ACCT-5001EL - Accounting ECON-5001EL - Economics FNCE-5001EL - Fundamentals of Finance FNCE-5101EL - Corporate Finance HROB-5001EL - Organizational Behaviour MKTG-5001EL - Marketing MKTG-5121EL - Advanced Marketing Planning OPER-5001EL - Business Statistics OPER-5002EL - Management Science OPER-5011EL - Operations Management OPER-5101EL - Management Information Systems OPER-5102EL - Project Management
MGMT-5101EL - Ethical Leadership MGMT-5111EL - Global Management MGMT-5121EL - Strategic Management MGMT-5131EL - Consulting Project MGMT-5201EL - Leading by Design MGMT-5211EL - Learning Organizations MGMT-5901EL - Work Integrated Learning MGMT-5906EL - Current Topics in Administration - - -