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Zeeva Millman

Zeeva Millman

Associate Professor
School of Business Administration
Faculty of Management


  • Ph.D., (OB/HR), University of Toronto, Rotman School of Business
  • M.B.A., McGill University
  • B. Comm., McGill University


Millman, Z. (2016).  Success at Group Tasks:  Does Personality type matter?  In Progress.

Millman, Z. (2016).  Instructional vs. Motivational Self-Talk:  A model and recommendations for future research.  To be presented at the ASAC Conference 2016, Edmonton.  

Millman, Z. (2015).  In-Home health care:  Does Personality type matter?  Presented at the ASAC Conference, Halifax. 

Millman, Z. (2015). From "Moral Obligation, Get a Job" to "All in, Here to Stay":  A three level model of volunteer engagement.  Presented at the ASAC Conference 2015, Halifax.  


Millman, Z. (2016).  High Impact Interviewing:  Finding the Right Person for the Job.  Organizational Dynamics  Forthcoming..

Millman, Z. (2016).  Taking Control:  Using Verbal Self-Guidance to Enhance Organizational Performance. Organizational      Dynamics.  Forthcoming.  

Millman, Z. & Latham, G.P.   Increasing reemployment through training in verbal self-guidance.  In Erez, M., Kleinbeck, U., and Thierry, H.K. (eds.) Work motivation in the context of the globalizing economy.  New Jersey:  Lawrence Erlbaum. 

Latham, G.P. & Millman, Z.   Context and the Employment Interview.  In Gubrium, J.F. and Holstein, J.A., (eds.) The Handbook of Interviewing.  California:  Sage Publications.

Latham, G.P., Millman, Z., & Miedema, H.  Theoretical, practical, and organizational issues affecting training.  In Thierry, H., Drenth, P., and De Wolff, C. (eds). The Handbook of Work and Organizational Psychology.  Psychology Press Ltd.

Latham, G.P., Millman, Z., & Karambayya, R.  Content domain confusion among researchers, managers and union members regarding organizational citizenship behaviour.  Canadian Journal of Administrative Studies. (14), 206-213.

Elangovan, A.R., & Millman, Z.  Mentoring:  Looking at it from the mentor's point of view.  ASAC Conference Proceedings.

Millman, Z., & Hartwick, J., The impact of automated office systems on middle managers and their work.  M.I.S.Quarterly.