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Special Advisor of Francophone Affairs, Roch Gallien

Memo from the Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic

(November 26, 2021) We are pleased to welcome Roch Gallien to the position of Special Advisor of Francophone Affairs. He will report directly to the provost and vice-president, Academic to support operations of the Office of Francophone Affairs.

Mr. Gallien has dedicated the last five years to overseeing training for Francophone and Anglophone teachers in all of Ontario’s faculties of education as director of Standards of Practice and Accreditation with the Ontario College of Teachers.

He is a seasoned educational professional and a manager with considerable experience in minority French-Canadian school boards. For several years, he led the Conseil scolaire public du Nord-Est de l’Ontario and, previously, was superintendent of education at Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario.

Trained in Ontario to teach French, History and Political Science, he received an undergraduate degree and an Ontario Teacher’s Certificate from Laurentian University’s French-language school of education. He also holds a Master of Education in administration and school management from the University of Ottawa.

His professional development pathway led him to obtain additional basic qualifications (ABQ) in instructional leadership, language pedagogy, technology and communication.



“As we seek to renew our commitment to the francophone community and give its voice the weigh and influence it deserves in shaping the future of Laurentian University, we are thrilled to have Mr. Gallien on board as we strive to provide French-speaking students from across the province, the country and the world with a postsecondary education and a student experience that is second to none. Having spent the last five years overseeing training for Francophone and Anglophone teachers in all of Ontario’s faculties of education with the Ontario College of Teachers, we believe Mr. Gallien, as a lifelong advocate for a thriving francophonie, will bring a critical eye and a fresh perspective not only to our academic offering but also to our on and off-campus programming.” – Dr. Robert Haché, President and Vice-Chancellor of Laurentian University

“As a graduate of Laurentian, I know first-hand what this institution has to offer and how its DNA is embedded in everything that makes our region such a vibrant, diverse and resilient place. I also appreciate the complex relationship the francophone community has with the university and the erosion of trust that has marked its recent past. As I watched from afar the events of the last few years, I feel a strong sense of duty and purpose in wanting to be part of the solution and play an active role in the transformational change that is required to make Laurentian the pride of the North once again – and to make francophones feel a ‘part entière’ of its renewal.”  - Roch Gallien