Congratulations, Félicitations, Felicitazioni

Laurentian University’s Dr. Patrick Anthony Cavaliere is the proud recipient of the “Collegio Matteo Ricci” Distinguished Visiting Scholar Prize

Dr. Patrick Cavaliere's headshotLaurentian University is pleased to congratulate Dr. Patrick Anthony Cavaliere for receiving the “Collegio Matteo Ricci” Distinguished Visiting Scholar Prize from the University of Macerata, in Italy.

Dr. Patrick Anthony Cavaliere’s professional record was submitted for consideration by the President and Rector of the University of Macerata, Professor Luigi Lacché and received a perfect score of 100/100.

The nomination was unanimously endorsed by the University of Macerata Senate and Board of Governors.

The University of Macerata evaluated academic nominees and candidates based on the following:

  • Professional experiences
  • Impact of distinguished publications
  • Teaching excellence
  • Previous honors and awards
  • Importance of current research initiatives 

Dr. Cavaliere’s research is focused on modern Italian history, with a specialization in Italian Fascism, totalitarian regimes, and institutional theory of organizations.

“Collegio Matteo Ricci” Distinguished Visiting Scholar Prize

The Collegio Matteo Ricci” Distinguished Visiting Scholar Prize aims to encourage international movement among scholars as well as to develop or strengthen networks of collaboration among scholars around the world. It includes:

  • A personal cash prize
  • A term of full-time residency with the Faculty of Law, beginning the fall term 2017
  • A Distinguished Fellowship Appointment in the History of Penal Law and Criminal Justice to work specifically with the 'Fondo Mario Sbricoli' (Istituto di Studi Storici)
  • Rent-free family accommodations at the “Collegio Matteo Ricci” in the historic city of Macerata
  • A series of guest lectures
  • The opportunity to lead a collaborative, multidisciplinary research initiative involving both doctoral students and faculty

Dr. Cavaliere is currently working on series of volumes on political criminal justice during the Fascist regime, which is to be published by ARACNE Editrice, Rome. A long-term research and publication initiative, funded by the internationally renowned Vidal Sassoon International Centre for the Study of Antisemitism (SICSA) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, is entitled Antisemitism in Fascist Italy: From the Rise of Fascism to the Racial Laws of 1938 and the Politics of the Final Solution.

Dr. Cavaliere is a member of the Department of History at Laurentian and is currently an elected member of the Laurentian University Senate and a member of the Laurentian University Board of Governors.