LU’s New In-House Hand Sanitizer A Reminder Of The Value of Teamwork

Campus made safer by a group of dedicated community members working together

Over the past three months, Laurentian University has taken many steps to improve safety in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The latest such step was made possible by a group of professionals from different departments across the university.

Ahead of the phased return of on-campus activity, the university has produced 500 hand sanitizer bottles in house, right down to the label on the bottles. These branded, 1 litre containers are soon to become a mainstay in classrooms, lecture halls, and hallways throughout Laurentian University’s grounds.

This all started with another act of kindness by one of our own. Inspired by chemistry professor Eric Gauthier’s creation of hand sanitizer for the Greater Sudbury Police Service, Laurentian University head of procurement Ray Coutu organized an effort to harness the community’s collective know-how to create a similar project. It took several people to iron out the fine details, from production to licensing, from bottling to storage:

  • Eric Gauthier manufactured the hand sanitizer, with the aid of technologist Paul Guerin
  • Ray Coutu and his team at Purchasing secured the 500 bottles
  • Gisele Roberts, Manager of Innovation and Commercialization, secured licenses from Health Canada to produce and distribute our hand sanitizer
  • Marie-Lynne Michaud and her team in the Marketing Department designed the label
  • Martin Rondeau and his team at Print Hub printed the labels and pasted them onto each bottle
  • Gail Cowper-Benoit from Health and Safety, planned the storage of the bottles.

Though physical distancing is one of the most effective preventative measures against COVID-19, this project is a reminder that we don’t have to go it alone and are stronger together.

“This project, from obtaining the licensing from Health Canada to bottling the final product, would not have been possible without the involvement of a group of dedicated individuals.” -- Eric R. Gauthier, Full Professor and Chair of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

“Supply chains are tight right now for PPE supplies. Why not make our very own? This accomplishment was due to great team work with faculty and staff. Everyone worked together to achieve a common goal. During these extraordinary times, this is rewarding. Thank you to everyone involved.” Ray Coutu, Director of Procurement, Contract and Risk