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Dr. Dan Andreae renews his commitment to lecture series

Presidential lecture series receives funding boost of $125,000

January 30, 2017 - Dr. Dan Andreae, Honorary Patron of Brain Injury Canada, former chair of the Patron’s Council of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto and recipient of Laurentian University’s inaugural Impact Award, announced that he will donate an additional $125,000 to support the presidential lecture series at Laurentian. In addition to funding the lecture series, Dr. Andreae’s donation also supports student scholarships.

“I am inspired when I come to Laurentian and take part in this knowledge sharing opportunity, knowing that these presenters are being heard by future leaders of our society,” Dr. Andreae said.  “I am pleased that this is a free Lecture Series reaching out to the entire community”.

The Lecture series aptly named as the Dr. Dan Andreae Distinguished Presidential Lecture Series on Living in Healthy Communities brings speakers from a variety of disciplines to promote knowledge and awareness of the elements that comprise healthy communities. Previous speakers have included physician and author Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. James Orbinski, the former international president of Doctors Without Borders and co-founder of Dignitas International, two Olympic athletes, Joannie Rochette and Alexandre Bilodeau, a witty, articulate and mesmerizing speaker, singer/songwriter Steven Page and last but not least, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, essayist and poet, Dr. Norman Doidge.

“Laurentian University has benefited greatly from the astounding friendship and support Dr. Andreae has displayed over the years. This lecture series fosters better understanding and knowledge of healthy communities from a variety of viewpoints and our students and community directly benefit.  Laurentian is proud of this relationship and grateful to Dr. Andreae for his contributions,” said Dr. Pierre Zundel, Laurentian’s Interim President and Vice-Chancellor.