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Science Communication

Be different and make a difference

Is this program for me ?


Are you about to graduate with an Honours degree?

Many employers look for people who are flexible and multi-skilled. Communication with the public or stakeholders in a project is now part of almost any outward looking organization involved with science and technology. Having “communication” on your resumé might open closed doors.


Do you already have a science and technology job?

Few people hold the same job throughout their career. Making good mid-career choices and gaining promotion into leadership positions requires more than average qualifications. Every year we accept people who already have a Masters degree but who want to be different.


I work in a science centre and know all this stuff!

Understanding the theory and models of communication, how to evaluate effectiveness, and experiencing the skills of others in an intensive, collegial learning situation turns natural talent into professional qualifications. As science centres and museums evolve, the staff who lead them have to be more than good talkers !


How do I find out more?

Go to our website:  …. or just Google science communication (we’re at the top of the first page)


How do I apply?

Details are at  or e-mail