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Community Events

We welcome community organizations who share our values to enjoy the beautiful Living with Lakes Centre. During its first year more than 125 groups (from LU and the community) held events at the Centre.

Below are just a few of the events we co-hosted with partners:

Community Partnerships

Sudbury citizens are keen to protect our aquatic resources.

Over 10,000 residents live on one of Sudbury’s 300-plus lakes and every Sudburian has unparalleled access to the marvellous recreational opportunities provided by the City’s waterfront parks. The City of Greater Sudbury has engaged its public and industrial constituents in ambitious, innovative and internationally-renowned urban and ecosystem restoration programs.

Co-op Unit scientists provide expert advice for environmental stewardship programs including the Greater Sudbury Lake Improvement Advisory Panel, Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance, Junction Creek Stewardship Group, Rainbow Routes, Sudbury Naturalists, Vegetation Enhancement Technical Advisory Committee,Source Water Protection Program, Lake Stewardship groups.