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Health & Wellness

Health Services at Laurentian University offers primary healthcare, health promotion and protection, disease and injury prevention advice, emotional counselling and medical care

Woman being treated by nurse

Registered nurses and nurse practitioners are on staff during regular office hours, part time physicians are available by appointment and urgent cases are also accepted. The services are delivered on campus in the student residence complex, easily accessible to students.


To Make An Appointment

Phone: (705) 673-6546,   or 675-1151, extension 1067 


When you make an appointment, please let us know the general nature of your concern(s).This will enable us to schedule sufficient time for the physician to adequately address your needs.

Appointment Cancellation: If you are unable to keep an appointment, we request that you call us within 24 hours.

If there are no physician appointments available, urgent needs will be assessed by a nurse who will arrange an appropriate follow-up if needed.

Please bring your Health Card on every visit to Health and Wellness Services

In case of an emergency or after hours medical services, please go to any of the After-Hours Clinics

Clinic located at the 4 corners (Paris St./Regent St.,) besides Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy or 1122 Lasalle Blvd., (at Attlee St.) or at the Brady Clinic, located at 359 Riverside Drive or Emergency Department at Health Sciences North (Laurentian Hospital), Ramsey Lake Road.  You may also contact our Security Department at (705) 673-6562. 

Emergency - Ambulance/Fire/Police - 911