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Ways to Give

These gifts are available for immediate use in the form of cash, cheque, money order, electronic transfer, credit card, or pre-authorized contributions paid monthly.

By dividing your annual donation into twelve equal payments, you can meet your philanthropic goals while effectively managing your personal finances.

Your donation will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account or charged to your credit card. You will receive one consolidated tax receipt for your monthly donations at the beginning of the following year.

Memorial gifts are a special way to honour a friend or loved one who has passed away. By supporting the university, these gifts ensure a legacy for the deceased.

Honorary gifts are a meaningful way to pay tribute to a living person, like a teacher or friend, that has played an important role in your life.    

A wide range of non-cash donations, such as books, real estate, artwork, special equipment and other tangible personal property, are commonly referred to as gifts in kind. These gifts may enhance an academic department or Laurentian’s library collection.

A tax receipt is issued for the appraised fair market value of the gift. Contact University Advancement for more information.

Making a gift provides an opportunity for university employees to help enhance the quality of the University’s programs through their financial contributions. Employees can direct their gifts to the award, team or program of their choice through a payment option that works best for them, including payroll deduction.

Each year, through the annual appeal, a group of current students call graduates of Laurentian University. If you are an alumnus or alumna, during the first two months of each semester, you may receive a call from one of these student fundraisers.

You can update your contact information, provide feedback about your Laurentian experience, learn about the great new things happening around campus, and find out about alumni events happening in your area! You also have the opportunity to support your favourite aspect of Laurentian by making a donation to the designation of your choice.

The annual appeal is a great way to keep involved with Laurentian life and an easy way help support current students.

Our student callers simply can’t wait to speak with you!

Does your employer have a matching gift program? If so, you may be able to double your impact!

Please request a matching gift form from your employer and submit your claim, completed and signed, with your gift to the address below:

Laurentian University
University Advancement
935 Ramsey Lake Rd.
Sudbury ON P3E 2C6

Donate securities directly to the University to avoid paying the capital gains tax on your investments.
There is a real advantage to making a gift of shares or securities directly to the charity of your choice. You receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of the shares when they are received, and you are not required to declare any resulting capital gains on income.

Please contact for the form and instruct your broker to transfer shares electronically as a “Free Delivery” to: 

RBC Dominion Securities
1361 Paris St ON P3E 3B6
Attention: Mr. Ron Andrews

Example: Jeff decided to support Laurentian University with a gift of $100,000. When reviewing whether he should sell his shares in a publicly-listed corporation and then donate the cash proceeds, or donate the shares directly, Jeff learned that he would have a greater net tax benefit by donating the shares directly to Laurentian. The chart below assumes a tax rate of 50 per cent.



Fair Market Value: $100,000


Cost Basis: $20,000


Capital Gain: $80,000


Taxable Gain: $40,000


Tax Credit (at 50%): $50,000


Tax on Gain (at 50%): $20,000


Tax Savings: $30,000



*The information presented here is provided as general information and should not be taken as formal legal or tax advice. Donors should consult with their own legal and financial advisors.

A charitable bequest is a distribution from your estate to Laurentian University through your last will and testament. A bequest provides you with the opportunity to support Laurentian University once your needs and those of your loved ones have been met.

Funds are usually bequeathed as a:

  • A residual amount
  • A share or a percentage of your estate
  • A specific dollar amount or item*

*It is important to contact the University Advancement office before arranging a gift in kind bequest to ensure that it supports Laurentian University’s academic priorities.

If you wish to direct your gift to a specific area or for a specific purpose, please contact University Advancement for detailed bequest language.

A gift of annuity is made when you make a contribution of cash or other property to Laurentian University in exchange for a guaranteed lifetime income (or for a stated interval of time). It is an agreement or contract between you and the university. Upon death, the charitable organization of your choice would receive the remainder of the original contribution.

A charitable remainder trust allows you to make a contribution to the university while retaining an interest in the gift or transfer and receiving a charitable deduction for the assets ultimately passing to Laurentian University. For example, if you donate a piece of property to a trust, you retain the right to the income and/or use of the property for your lifetime. Given your donation of the “remainder interest” (or capital), the capital gain on the donation may be significantly less than the full gain on the property. After a fixed period of time, or upon your death, the property fully passes to the University. Since it was held in a trust, it is not part of your estate for probate purposes. The charitable receipt provided at the time of the gift is equal to the value of the property discounted by your life expectancy.

When you make a gift of residual interest, you donate your personal property to Laurentian University and you can continue to use and enjoy the property throughout your lifetime. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for the present value of the property when the gift is made. Upon death, Laurentian University receives the deed of the property. These donations can include assets such as real estate.

A gift of life insurance is an affordable way to make a huge impact. A modest annual premium, paid over time, can result in a significant future legacy.

Three ways to donate life insurance:

  • Donate an existing policy: receive a charitable tax receipt for the net cash surrender value and any premiums paid after the donation date.
  • Donate a new policy: receive a charitable tax receipt for any premiums paid after the donation date.
  • Assign Laurentian University as the beneficiary of your individual or workplace insurance policy. Your estate receives a charitable tax receipt.