Michael Yeo

Michael Yeo

Full Professor

Department of Philosophy
L-724, R.D. Parker Building Sudbury Campus


  • PhD Thesis: Creative Adequation: Merleau-Ponty's Philosophy of Philosophy
  • upon finishing PhD, accepted position as Research Associate, Westminster Institute for Ethics and Human Values
  • worked as ethicist for Canadian Medical Association for 6 years
  • have worked with numerous organizations on ethics issues (Canadian Nurses Association, College of Family Physicians of Canada, College of Nurses of Ontario, Ontario Police College, etc.).
  • cross-appointed to Northern Ontario School of Medicine as member of Theme II re: Personal and Professional Aspects of Medicine
  • member of Ethics Committee of College of Family Physicians of Canada 


  • BA, Philosophy and English, York University
  • MA, Philosophy, McMaster University
  • PhD, Philosophy, McMaster University

Academic Appointments

  • Full Professor of Philosophy, Laurentian University
  • Cross-appointment to Northern Ontario School of Medicine 


  • main area of research is ethics and public policy
  •  currently researching in three related and overlapping areas:
    • a) the tension and relationship between science and values in public policy;
    • b) ethics and professionalism in medicine


  • Virtual Scholar, Inter-Agency Panel on Research Ethics, SSHRC $25,000


Fall 2016 I will be teaching: 

- Human Studies PhD 6156: Interdisciplinary Theory

- Early Modern Philosophy

- Existentialism

I will also be teaching in the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. 


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