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New BA Requirements


(for students entering in September 2017 or later)


Linguistic Awareness: to acquire, maintain or improve language skills and knowledge

6 cr. of courses promoting linguistic awareness

Indigenous Content: to gain an awareness of the histories, cultures and realities of Indigenous peoples in Canada

6 cr. of courses with at least 50% Indigenous content

Scientific Literacy: to acquire scientific literacy

6 cr. of courses promoting scientific literacy

REQUIREMENT 1: Linguistic Awareness


Students completing a B.A. with at least

one concentration, major or specialization in a French language (FL) program

6 cr. in LANG 1005FL Grammaire appliquée à la rédaction OR the former FRAN 1805FL

Students admitted based on a TOEFL score (or equivalent) or EAP Level 3

6 cr. in ENGL 1550EL Academic Reading and Writing

All other students completing a B.A.


Option a) will be attractive to a wide range of students, whether their career aspirations are regional, national or international.

Option b) will be of particular interest to francophone students, French immersion graduates and other students with a strong background in French.


Option c) will allow distance education students to meet this requirement.


a) Learn a new language (or improve second language skills)

6 cr. in French, Nishnaabemwin or Cree; or in another language other than English;

b) Study in both official languages (French and English)

6 cr. in any program offered in French: e.g. GEOG 1026FL, HIST 1406FL, SOCI 1015FL.

c) Learn more about your own language

6 cr. of linguistics courses: e.g. ANTR 2906EL Introduction to Linguistics, ANCS 2136EL Greek and Latin Roots of English, LING 1006FL Initiation à la linguistique.


  • Transfer credits in languages not currently taught at Laurentian University or its federated partners (e.g. Hebrew) may be used to fulfill this requirement. Credits earned in various languages may be used towards the 24-credit Certificate in Basic Multilingual Competence.


  • FL courses are available in many disciplines in Arts and Science. Students who obtain at least 15 credits in each official language can obtain the Certificate of Bilingualism while completing their degree. Go to: for further information.

REQUIREMENT 2: 6 cr. of courses with at least 50% Indigenous content

List of courses (EL & FL) with at least 50% Indigenous content

ANTR 2166EL      Living with Things: Theories of Material Culture

ANTR 2036EL      Ethnology of North American Native Peoples

ANTR 2046EL      Peoples of the World: Tribes, States and the Global Village

ANTR 2146EL      The (De) Colonial Struggle

ANTR 2906EL      Introduction to Linguistics

ANTR 3087EL      Ethnomedicine: Cross-Cultural Healing

ANTR 3116EL      Anthropology of the Arts

ANTR 3216EL      Visual Ethnography

ANTR 4116EL      Critical Perspectives in Medical Anthropology

ANTR 4136EL      Ethnopsychiatry and Cross-Cultural Mental Health

ARCL 3095EL      Archaeology Field School

ARCL 3207EL      New World Archaeology

BIOL 3066EL       Indigenous Peoples: Ecology, Science and Technology

EDUC 1046EL      Indigenous Ways of Learning

ENGL 1511EL      Academic Reading and Writing in English for Aboriginal Students I

ENGL 1512EL      Academic Reading and Writing in English for Aboriginal Students II

ENGL 2677EL      Indigenous Poetics in Canada

ENGL 3456EL      Indigenous Literatures in Canada I

ENGL 3496EL      Indigenous Women’s Resistance Writing & Material Art

ENGL 3516EL      Creative Writing

ENGL 3517EL      Studies in Creative Writing

ENGL 3576EL      The Craft of Life Writing

ENGL 3577EL      The Craft of Writing Poetry

ENGL 3546EL      Media Representations of Indigenous Peoples in North America

ENGL 3566EL      Indigenous Oral Storytelling

ENGL 4686EL      Rhetoric of Apology

ENGL 4787EL      Indian Residential School Fiction

ÉTAM 1106FL      Les Premières Nations de l’Amérique du Nord: Perspective euro-américaine

ÉTAM 1107FL      Les Premières Nations de l’Amérique du Nord: Perspective amérindienne

FOLK 2276FL      Légendes et traditions orales amérindiennes

FOLK 2287FL      Coutumes amérindiennes: le cycle de la vie

FOLK 2337FL      Objets de la vie quotidienne des Amérindiens

FREN 2717FL      Thèmes de la littérature canadienne-française

GEOG 3497EL     Geography of Northern Canada: Developmental Issues

HIST 1406EL       Canadian History: Pre-Confederation

HIST 2466EL       Indigenous Representations from Colonialism to Sovereignty

HIST 2616EL       The First Nations in Canada in Historical Perspective

HIST 3216FL       L’histoire des Premières Nations au Canada

HIST 3276EL       History of Northern Ontario

HIST 3276FL       Histoire du Nord de l’Ontario

HIST 3486EL       Indigenous Histories, Indigenous Food Ways: Understanding Contact and Conflict through Dietary Change

HIST 3876EL       The Social History of Canadian Art

HIST 4436EL       Ideas, Ethics and Method: Oral History in Thought and Practice

INDG 1016EL      Introductory Nishnaabemwin A (Ojibwe)

INDG 1017EL      Introductory Nishnaabemwin B (Ojibwe)

INDG 1025EL      Introduction to Cree

INDG 1116EL      Foundations of Aboriginal Peoplehood

INDG 1117EL      Implications of Aboriginal Peoplehood

INDG 2035EL      Intermediate Cree

INDG 2056EL      Indigenous Perspectives on Food

INDG 2105EL      Culture, Behaviour and the Identity of the Native People

INDG 2126EL      Indigenous Perspectives on Water

INDG 2136EL      Aboriginal Political Resistance in Canada: An Integrated Media Analysis

INDG 2205EL      The Aboriginal People: Family and Community

INDG 2216EL      Native Women: Perspectives and Issues

INDG 2285EL      North American Native People: Tradition and Culture

INDG 2305EL      Contemporary Native Issues

INDG 2306EL      Contemporary Issues in Indigenous Environmental Studies

INDG 2316EL      Foundations of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge

INDG 2505EL      Indigenous Arts of the Americas: Retrospective and Tradition

INDG 2516EL      Intermediate Nishnaabemwin A (Ojibwe)

INDG 2517EL      Intermediate Nishnaabemwin B (Ojibwe)

INDG 2616EL      Canadian Native Literature: Exploring Genre

INDG 2617EL      Canadian Native Literature: Novels and Plays

INDG 2625EL      Indigenous Theatre and Performance

INDG 3005EL      Education and Native People

INDG 3025EL      Advanced Cree

INDG 3056EL      The City as Home: International Perspectives on Indigenous People in Urban Centres

INDG 3066EL      Indigenous People in Canadian Urban Centres

INDG 3116EL      Aboriginal People and the Criminal Justice System

INDG 3117EL      Social Policy and Family Law with Native People

INDG 3146EL      Canadian Politics and Métis Peoples

INDG 3147EL      Canadian Politics and Inuit Peoples

INDG 3205EL      Nature and Humankind: A Native View

INDG 3215EL      Native Community-Based Research Methods

INDG 3226EL      Native Critical Theory

INDG 3256EL      Aboriginal Health and Wellness

INDG 3286EL      Indigenous Medicines

INDG 3305EL      Aboriginal Languages: Expressions of Peoplehood

INDG 3315EL      Economic Management and Aboriginal Self-Determination

INDG 3285EL      Living with the Land: Indigenous Knowledge in Theory and Practice

INDG 3316EL      Intermediate Nishnaabemwin C

INDG 3516EL      Advanced Nishnaabemwin A

INDG 3517EL      Advanced Nishnaabemwin B

INDG 3605EL      Legal Research, Writing and Aboriginal Law

INDG 4055EL      Selected Themes

INDG 4105EL      Algonquian Language Structures

INDG 4405EL      Seeing with a Native Eye

INDG 4586EL      Interpreting Aboriginal Histories

INDG 4587EL      From the Fourth World: International Aboriginal Perspectives on Current Global issues

JURI 3426FL        Droit applicable aux peuples autochtones

LITT 3146FL        Littérature et culture des Autochtones et des Métis du Québec et du Canada français

POLI/INDG 3105EL Canadian Law, Politics and Aboriginal People

POLI 3437EL        The Colonizer and the Colonized

PSYC 4066EL       Culture and Psychology

PSYC 4066FL       Culture et psychologie

RLST 2285EL        North American Native People: Tradition and Culture

SOCI 2266EL        Cultural Marginality and the Environment: Environmental Risk and Indigenous Populations

SOCI 2276FL        Enjeux autochtones contemporains

SOCI 3326FL        Sociologie de la mémoire

SOCI 4306FL        Sociologie du droit autochtone

SOCI 4256EL        Aboriginal Peoples and Society

WOMN 2046EL   Gender, Race and Racism

WOMN 2906EL/HIST 3966EL/SOCI 3907EL  Special Topic: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

REQUIREMENT 3: 6 cr. of courses promoting scientific literacy

List of courses (EL & FL) promoting scientific literacy


These new interdisciplinary courses are team-taught by faculty in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They will be of particular interest to students in the B.Ed.

SCEN 1006EL       Integrated Science I

SCEN 1007EL       Integrated Science II



These grade 12U-level courses prepare students to enter first-year courses in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics required for degree programs in those disciplines. Note that Biology does not require a grade 12U course or equivalent as a prerequisite for entry into the first year course (BIOL 1506EL/FL).

CHMI 1031EL     Elementary Chemistry (No prerequisite)

CHMI 1031FL     Chimie élémentaire (No prerequisite)

CHMI 1041EL     Chemical Concepts (No prerequisite)

CHMI 1041FL     Concepts chimiques (No prerequisite)

MATH 1911EL     Finite Mathematics (One grade 12 mathematics)

MATH 1911FL     Mathématiques discrètes (One grade 12 mathematics)

MATH 1912EL     Elementary Calculus (One grade 12 mathematics)

MATH 1912FL     Calcul élémentaire (One grade 12 mathematics)

PHYS 1211EL      Understanding Physics I (No prerequisite)



Students may count these credits towards a minor or major in a Science discipline within the B.A. degree.

ARCL 1006EL       Introduction to Archaeology and Physical Anthropology (No prerequisite)

BIOL 1506EL        Biology I

BIOL 1506FL        Biologie I

BIOL 1507EL        Biology II

BIOL 1507FL        Biologie II

CHMI 1006EL      General Chemistry I

CHMI 1006FL      Chimie générale I

CHMI 1007EL      General Chemistry II

CHMI 1007FL      Chimie générale II

COSC 1046EL      Computer Science I

COSC 1046FL      Informatique I

COSC 1047EL      Computer Science II

ENSC 1406EL      Earth’s Environmental Systems

GEOL 1006EL      Introduction to Geology I (No prerequisite)

GEOL 1007EL      Introduction to Geology II

MATH 1036EL     Calculus I

MATH 1036FL     Calcul I

MATH 1037EL     Calculus II

MATH 1037FL     Calcul II

MATH 1056EL     Discrete Mathematics I

MATH 1056FL     Mathématiques discrètes I

MATH 1057EL     Linear Algebra I

MATH 1057FL     Algèbre linéaire I

PHYS 1006EL       Introductory Physics I

PHYS 1006FL       Introduction à la physique I

PHYS 1007EL       Introductory Physics II

PHYS 1007FL       Introduction à la physique II

PHYS 1206EL       Physics for the Life Science I

PHYS 1206FL       Physique pour les sciences de la vie I

PHYS 1207EL       Physics for the Life Science II

PHYS 1207FL       Physique pour les sciences de la vie II



ANTR 2016EL      Human Biological Variation, Adaptations and Health

ANTR 3046EL      Environmental Anthropology

ANTR 3047EL      Public Health and Epidemiology 

ANTR 3086EL      Medical Anthropology: Medicine, Culture and Society

ANTR 3087EL      Ethnomedicine: Cross-cultural Healing

ANTR 4006EL      Food and Disease Prevention 

ANTR 4007EL      Origins of Sickness and Medicine 

ANTR 4116EL      Critical Perspectives in Medical Anthropology 

ANTR 4136EL      Ethnopsychiatry and Cross-Cultural Mental Health 

BIOL 2026EL        Introduction to Microbiology (BIOL 1506/1507 or grade 12U level Biology)

BIOL 2026FL        Introduction à la microbiologie (BIOL 1506/1507 or grade 12U level Biology)     

BIOL 2105EL        Human Anatomy and Physiology (No prerequisite)

BIOL 2105FL        Anatomie et physiologie humaine (No prerequisite)

BIOL 2356EL        Principles of Ecology (No prerequisite)

BIOL 2356FL        Principes d’écologie (No prerequisite)

BIOL 2757EL        Biological Aspects of Human Sexuality (BIOL 1506/1507 or 1700, or permission)

BIOL 2757FL        Les aspects biologiques de la sexualité humaine (BIOL 1506/1507 or 1700, or permission)

BIOL 3066EL        Indigenous Peoples: Ecology, Science and Technology (No prerequisite)

BIOL 3927EL        Forest Entomology (BIOL 1000, 2356, 3706 or permission)

BIOL 4717EL        Animal Behaviour

BIOL 4717FL        Comportement animal

ENSC 2216EL       Our Environment: The Science Behind the Stories (24 cr. completed)

ENSC 4146EL       Urban Waters (ENSC 1406 or permission)

PSYC 2606EL       Brain and Behaviour

PSYC 2606FL       Le cerveau et le comportement

PSYC 2617EL       Human Neuropsychology

PSYC 2617FL       Neuropsychologie humaine

PSYC 2656EL       Physiological Psychology

PSYC 2905EL       Receptor Processes and Perception

PSYC 2905FL       Sensation et perception

PSYC 2917EL       Sensation and Perception

PSYC 3106EL       Evolutionary Psychology

PSYC 3306EL       Learning

PSYC 3306FL       Apprentissage

PSYC 3307EL       Laboratory in Learning and Memory

PSYC 3307FL       Laboratoire en apprentissage

PSYC 3506EL       Neuropharmacology

PSYC 3507EL       Behavioural Neurobiology

PSYC 3706EL       Topics in Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 3706FL       Psychologie cognitive I – Processus fondamentaux

PSYC 3707EL       Laboratory in Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 3707FL       Psychologie cognitive II – Processus supérieurs

PSYC 3757EL       Sleep and Dreaming

PSYC 4506EL       Advanced Experimental Psychology I

PSYC 4507EL       Advanced Experimental Psychology II




BIOL 1000EL        Canadian Environmental Biology

BIOL 1700EL        Structure and Function of the Human Body

BIOL 1700FL        Structure et fonction du corps humain

BIOL 2110EL        Medical Microbiology

BIOL 2701EL        Human Physiology          

FORS 1016EL       Fundamentals of Forensic Science I

GEOL 1021EL      Understanding the Earth I

GEOL 1021FL      Comprenons la Terre - La planète et ses processus internes                       

PHYS 1905EL       General Astronomy                          

PHYS 1905FL       Astronomie générale



BIOL 2011EL       Fundamentals of Genetics (grade 12U level chemistry, CHMI 1030 or 1041, or BIOL 1506)

CHMI 1032EL      Essential Concepts of Organic Chemistry (CHMI 1031, 1041 or equivalent)

CHMI 1032FL      Concepts essentiels de la chimie organique (CHMI 1031, 1041 or equivalent)

CHMI 1202EL      Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (CHMI 1041 or grade 12U level Chemistry)

CHMI 2031EL      Natural Products (CHMI 1032 or equivalent)

CHMI 2041EL      Introductory Environmental Chemistry (CHMI 1202, 1032 or 1007)

FORS 1017EL       Fundamentals of Forensic Science II (FORS 1016)

GEOL 1022EL      Understanding the Earth II (GEOL 1021)

GEOL 1022FL      Comprenons la Terre - La croûte terrestre: les roches et les minéraux (GEOL 1021)       

PHYS 1212EL       Understanding Physics II (PHYS 1006, 1206 or 1211 or grade 12U level Physics)



  • All courses in Archaeology (ARCL), Biology (BIOL), Chemistry (CHMI), Computer Science (COSC) with the exception of COSC 1701/1702EL/FL, Environmental Science (ENSC), Earth Sciences (GEOL), Mathematics (MATH), Physics (PHYS), and Integrated Science (SCEN) may be used to fulfill this requirement.


  • B.A. students are not eligible to take courses in Forensic Science (FORS) with the exception of FORS 1016/1017EL. However, students transferring from Forensic Science into the B.A. may use their FORS credits towards this requirement.