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Courses with Indigenous Content

As of September 2017, all new B.A. students are required to take at least 6 credits of Indigenous content courses during their degree program. Almost all departments and schools in the Faculty of Arts offer courses with Indigenous content. Over 100 Indigenous content courses are currently available in French or English.


What is Indigenous content?


Indigenous content may include:

  1. Creative works (novels, plays, poetry, etc.) written by First Nations, Métis, or Inuit authors.

  2. Readings (journal articles, book chapters, research reports, etc.) written by First Nations, Métis, or Inuit scholars, elders, or community members.

  3. Presentations (guest lectures, interviews, documentary films, etc.) by speakers who are members of First Nations, Métis, or Inuit communities.

  4. Readings or presentations by non-Indigenous scholars, activists, and writers who are deeply engaged with Indigenous issues.

  5. Assignments that require the use of Indigenous research methodologies, incorporate traditional Indigenous knowledge and worldviews, address topics pertaining to First Nations, Métis, or Inuit communities, or examine Indigenous issues from a cross-cultural perspective.

  6. Lectures that explore decolonization processes, individual and collective identities, cultural persistence, language revitalization, Indigenous activism and resistance, empowerment, social justice, and reconciliation. 

Listing of Courses with Indigenous Content in the Faculty of Arts

ANTR 2166EL              Living with Things: Theories of Material Culture (2016-17)

ANTR 2036EL               Ethnology of North American Native Peoples  

Dr. Darrel Manitowabi

Celeste Pedri-Spade

Gregory Scofield

Dr. Emily Faries

Dr. Mary Ann Corbièrete

Dr. Michael Hankard

Dr. Kevin FitzMaurice

Charles Daviau

ANTR 2046EL              Peoples of the World: Tribes, States and the Global Village (2016-17)

ANTR 2146EL               The (De) Colonial Struggle

ANTR 2906EL              Introduction to Linguistics (2016-17)

ANTR 3087EL              Ethnomedicine: Cross-Cultural Healing (2016-17)

ANTR 3116EL               Anthropology of the Arts

ANTR 3216EL              Visual Ethnography (2016-17)

ANTR 4116EL              Critical Perspectives in Medical Anthropology (2016-17)

ANTR 4136EL               Ethnopsychiatry and Cross-Cultural Mental Health

ANTR 4306EL               Indigenous Photography and Decolonization

ARCL 3095EL               Archaeology Field School (2016-17)

ARCL 3207EL               New World Archaeology (2016-17)

BIOL 3066EL                 Indigenous Peoples: Ecology, Science and Technology

EDUC 1046EL               Indigenous Ways of Learning (2016-17)

ENGL 1511EL               Academic Reading and Writing in English for Aboriginal Students I (2016-17)  

ENGL 1512EL               Academic Reading and Writing in English for Aboriginal Students II (2016-17)  

ENGL 2677EL               Indigenous Poetics in Canada (2016-17)

ENGL 3456EL               Indigenous Literatures in Canada I (2016-17)

ENGL 34XXEL               Indigenous Literatures in Canada II

ENGL 3496EL               Indigenous Women’s Resistance Writing & Material Art (2016-17)

ENGL 3516EL               Creative Writing (2016-17) 

ENGL 3517EL               Studies in Creative Writing

ENGL 3576EL               The Craft of Life Writing (2016-17) 

ENGL 3577EL               The Craft of Writing Poetry

ENGL 3546EL               Media Representations of Indigenous Peoples in North America (2016-17)

ENGL 3566EL               Indigenous Oral Storytelling (2016-17)

ENGL 4686EL               Rhetoric of Apology

ENGL 4787EL               Indian Residential School Fiction (2016-17)

ÉTAM 1106FL              Les Premières Nations de l’Amérique du Nord: Perspective euro-américaine

ÉTAM 1107FL              Les Premières Nations de l’Amérique du Nord: Perspective amérindienne

FOLK 2276FL                Légendes et traditions orales amérindiennes

FOLK 2287FL                Coutumes amérindiennes: le cycle de la vie

FOLK 2337FL                Objets de la vie quotidienne des Amérindiens

FREN 2717FL               Thèmes de la littérature canadienne-française (2016-17)

GEOG 3497EL              Geography of Northern Canada: Developmental Issues (2016-17)  

HIST 1406EL                Canadian History: Pre-Confederation (2016-17)  

HIST 2466EL                Indigenous Representations from Colonialism to Sovereignty

HIST 2616EL                The First Nations in Canada in Historical Perspective (2016-17)

HIST 3216FL                L’histoire des Premières Nations au Canada

HIST 3276EL                History of Northern Ontario

HIST 3276FL                Histoire du Nord de l’Ontario (2016-17)

HIST 3486EL                Indigenous Histories, Indigenous Food Ways: Understanding Contact and Conflict through Dietary Change

HIST 3876EL                The Social History of Canadian Art

HIST/INDG/SOCI 3087EL               Interdisciplinary Approaches to Indigenous Issues: Selected Topics

HIST 4436EL                Ideas, Ethics and Method: Oral History in Thought and Practice (2016-17)

INDG 1016EL               Introductory Nishnaabemwin A (Ojibwe) (2016-17)

INDG 1017EL               Introductory Nishnaabemwin B (Ojibwe) (2016-17)


INDG 1025EL               Introduction to Cree

INDG 1116EL               Foundations of Aboriginal Peoplehood (2016-17)

INDG 1117EL               Implications of Aboriginal Peoplehood (2016-17)

INDG 2035EL               Intermediate Cree

INDG 2056EL               Indigenous Perspectives on Food (2016-17)

INDG 2105EL               Culture, Behaviour and the Identity of the Native People

INDG 2126EL               Indigenous Perspectives on Water

INDG 2136EL               Aboriginal Political Resistance in Canada: An Integrated Media Analysis

INDG 2205EL               The Aboriginal People: Family and Community

INDG 2216EL               Native Women: Perspectives and Issues

INDG 2285EL               North American Native People: Tradition and Culture

INDG 2305EL               Contemporary Native Issues

INDG 2306EL               Contemporary Issues in Indigenous Environmental Studies (2016-17)

INDG 2316EL               Foundations of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge (2016-17)

INDG 2505EL               Indigenous Arts of the Americas: Retrospective and Tradition (2016-17)

INDG 2516EL               Intermediate Nishnaabemwin A (Ojibwe)

INDG 2517EL               Intermediate Nishnaabemwin B (Ojibwe)

INDG 2616EL               Canadian Native Literature: Exploring Genre

INDG 2617EL               Canadian Native Literature: Novels and Plays (2016-17)

INDG 2625EL               Indigenous Theatre and Performance

INDG 3005EL               Education and Native People (2016-17)

INDG 3025EL               Advanced Cree

INDG 3056EL            The City as Home: International Perspectives on Indigenous People in Urban Centres

INDG 3066EL               Indigenous People in Canadian Urban Centres

INDG 3116EL               Aboriginal People and the Criminal Justice System (2016-17)

INDG 3117EL               Social Policy and Family Law with Native People (2016-17)

INDG 3146EL               Canadian Politics and Métis Peoples

INDG 3147EL               Canadian Politics and Inuit Peoples

INDG 3205EL               Nature and Humankind: A Native View

INDG 3215EL               Native Community-Based Research Methods

INDG 3226EL               Native Critical Theory (2016-17)

INDG 3256EL               Aboriginal Health and Wellness (2016-17)

INDG 3286EL               Indigenous Medicines

INDG 3305EL               Aboriginal Languages: Expressions of Peoplehood

INDG 3315EL               Economic Management and Aboriginal Self-Determination

INDG 3285EL               Living with the Land: Indigenous Knowledge in Theory and Practice

INDG 3316EL               Intermediate Nishnaabemwin C

INDG 3516EL               Advanced Nishnaabemwin A

INDG 3517EL               Advanced Nishnaabemwin B

INDG 3605EL               Legal Research, Writing and Aboriginal Law

INDG 4055EL               Selected Themes

INDG 4105EL               Algonquian Language Structures

INDG 4405EL               Seeing with a Native Eye (2016-17)

INDG 4586EL               Interpreting Aboriginal Histories

INDG 4587EL             From the Fourth World: International Aboriginal Perspectives on Current Global issues

JURI 3426FL                Droit applicable aux peuples autochtones (2016-17)

LBST/ECON 3XXXEL      [Indigenous Workers, Unions and the Economy] (2017-18) 

LBST/ECON 3XXXFL      [Les travailleurs autochtones, les syndicats et l’économie] (2017-18)

LITT 3146FL                 Littérature et culture des Autochtones et des Métis du Québec et du Canada français (2016-17)

MUSC 2XXXEL              [Contemporary Indigenous Music]

PHIL 3036EL                 Indigenous and Western Philosophies

PHIL 3056FL                    Philosophies autochtones et occidentales

POLI/INDG 3105EL       Canadian Law, Politics and Aboriginal People (2016-17)

POLI 3437EL                 The Colonizer and the Colonized

PSYC 4116EL                Culture and Psychology (2016-17)

PSYC 4066FL                Culture et psychologie (2016-17)

RLST 2285EL                North American Native People: Tradition and Culture (2016-17)

SOCI 2266EL                  Cultural Marginality and the Environment: Environmental Risk and Indigenous Populations  

SOCI 2276FL                 Enjeux autochtones contemporains  (2016-17)

SOCI 3326FL                 Sociologie de la mémoire (2016-17)

SOCI 4306FL                  Sociologie du droit autochtone (2017-18)

SOCI 4256EL                Aboriginal Peoples and Society (2016-17)

THEF 2XXXFL               [Jeu et interprétation: le théâtre autochtone au Canada français] (2017-18)

THEF 3XXXFL               [Histoire de la culture autochtone du Canada dans et par le théâtre] (2017-18)

WOMN 2046EL            Gender, Race and Racism (2016-17)

WOMN 2906EL/HIST 3966EL/SOCI 3907EL         Special Topic: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (2016-17)