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Certificates for B.A. Students

Faculty of Arts

Le Maschere Laurenziane, 1993. 
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Students completing a B.A. degree can obtain a Certificate at the same time without having to take any additional courses beyond those required for the degree.

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Dr. Shelley Watson, associate professor of Psychology, and student Kelly Coons.


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Students in psychology, sociology, sociocultural anthropology, human geography, social history, economics, and political science:
  • Are you curious about societal trends?
  • Do you enjoy studying social behaviour?
  • Can you think creatively about problems affecting society?
  • Are you interested in health, the environment, immigration and social policy issues?
Question your world! Pursue cutting-edge research in the social sciences.


The Certificate in Social Research Methods gives you a wide range of valuable skills leading to challenging careers.

Dr. Simon Laflamme, Sociology, and Dr. Run-Min Zhou, Psychology, at the launch of their book Méthodes statistiques en sciences humaines avec des illustrations tirées du logiciel SPSS (Sudbury: Prise de parole, 2014) with Mme denise truax, Director of Éditions Prise de parole, on November 5, 2014.
  • Examining and interpreting people’s personal experiences through qualitative methods such as participant observation, interviews and focus groups.
  • Gathering data using participant and non-participant methods.
  • Devising a sampling plan, administering questionnaires, manipulating data, coding the responses, analysing their content and drafting reports.
  • Creating spatial databases using socioeconomic and environmental data.
  • Applying methods of computer-assisted quantitative data analysis.
  • Interpreting data and assessing its reliability and validity.
  • Writing research proposals, testing hypotheses and presenting the results.
Broaden your career horizons.
  • Develop practical research skills of value to governments, health care agencies, service providers, consulting firms, universities, non-profit organizations, trade unions, businesses, and market research organizations.
  • Once you graduate, become a research assistant, information officer or information analyst.
  • After graduate school, build a career in social policy research as an expert advisor to governments, a consultant for an international organization, or a faculty member at a college or university.



Click HERE for the program requirements (click on degree options).
French as a second language students who complete FREN 1050FL Beginner’s French and FREN 1060FL Intermediate French may earn the certificate by taking 12 credits of another language.

Options include:

  • Nishnaabemwin (Ojibwe) (INDG)
  • Cree (INDG) 
  • Spanish (ESPA)
  • Italian (ITAL).
Francophone students may earn the Certificate by completing 12 credits in English and 12 credits in another language.



French immersion graduates and francophone students can earn the Certificate of Bilingualism by successfully completing a minimum of 15 credits in each official language during their degree program.

Sample Programs:

  1. An anglophone student majoring in Political Science who is studying primarily in English might choose to complete a 24-credit minor in History. The minor in History could be done entirely or partly (at least 15 credits) in French.
  2. A francophone student specializing in Sociology who is studying primarily in French might choose to complete at least 15 credits of English-language courses in a variety of other disciplines (e.g. PSYC 1105EL, ANTR 1007EL).
  3. A bilingual student might choose to complete two majors, one in Biology and the other in Philosophy. One major could be completed in French and the other in English.
For further information or to register for the Certificate of Bilingualism, contact: (705) 673-6565 or


Revised March 23, 2015.