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Geochemistry I

This course introduces the geochemistry and minerology of the Earth's crust, the chemical processes that take place at the Earth's surface, and the geochemistry of both low- and high-temperature systems. Topics include geochemical variations from core to crust, Goldschmidt's classification of the elements, the laws of thermodynamics, solution geochemistry, salts and their ions, weathering and mineral stability diagrams including carbonates, sulfates and silicates, electrochemistry and Eh-pH diagrams, soil formation, quantitative calculation of elemental variations during mineral and rock weathering, stable isotopes and their application to paleoclimatology and near-surface earth processes, radiogenic isotopes and their application in geology, and major and trace element geochemistry. PREREQ: GEOL 1007, GEOL 2126, and CHMI 1006/1007. (lec 3, lab 3) cr 3. Students may not retain credit for GEOL 3806 and GEOL 2807.

Earth Sciences