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Campus Security

Sudbury: 705.673.6562 | Barrie: 705.722.5100

Important Facts

  • Security guards are available 24 hour a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.
  • A security guard operates the Security Control Centre (SCC) at 705-673-6562 or Ext 6562 at all times. Shifts are staffed by a male and female guard.
  • There are 19 external cameras on campus.
  • There are 16 emergency telephones (external), normally located near the parking lot entrances.
  • There are 38 internal telephones with signs making them visible.
  • All guards are trained in First Aid, CPR and defibrilators and possess a valid Ministry issued security licence.


SafeWalk is a free service offered to all students, faculty, and staff at Laurentian University. This service will safely escort students and employees, anywhere they need to go on campus.

Hours of Operation:

7 days a week from 8:00 am – 2:00 am.

Please contact 705-562-5456 to arrange for SafeWalk service.

Work Alone Program

For those faculty, staff or students who find themselves working alone after regular business hours, in isolated areas of the University. To utilize this program, simply contact the Security Control Center and provide the operator with your name, where you are located and your length of anticipated stay. Security will stop by your lab/classroom/office during routine patrols.


Campus security is a service that is important to all visitors to campus. Emergency services that protect the wellbeing of the campus community are provided on campus, working in conjunction with the Barrie police when appropriate. With low rates of incidences, security staff strive toward improving campus life on a daily basis.


Services available to students

  • Blue Light Emergency phones
  • Courtesy phones located throughout campus hallways
  • Security Escort Service to your vehicle after dark