Food Services

Food Services at Laurentian University is operated by a third party provider. They operate a grill and full service Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Topper’s Pizza and Subway outlets, a cafeteria in the Sciences Building, a convenience store in student residence, as well as the Euro Baguette program at the Café Bistro in the East Residence.

A marché-style Great Hall dining experience awaits with all items prepared right before your eyes. Fresh entrees including pizzas, pastas, rotisserie chicken, deli sandwiches, stir-fry creations, premium desserts and an array of fresh vegetables from our produce market are what’s on the menu. This marché-style location allows students to pay one low price for buffet-style servings, catering to a variety of appetites and providing optimal value for our students.

Ranging from our market-style experience to chicken parmesan on baguette at the Café Bistro, here’s an overview of what and where you’ll find fresh fare on the Sudbury campus:










  • Marché Dining Hall

All items are prepared right before your eyes, fresh daily, including pizzas, pastas, grilled entrées, rotisserie chicken, deli sandwiches, stir-fry creations, premium desserts and an array of fresh vegetables from our produce market. This all-youcare- to enjoy marché-style location allows students to pay one low price and eat as much as they would like, giving them the best value.​

  • Topper’s Pizza

A long-time community favourite, the chain started right here in Sudbury and has expanded across the province – it’s that good!

  • Subway

Get your favourite soup, salad or sub at this brand new location on campus.



  • Café Bistro

Our Panini grill serves the best and freshest sandwiches.



  • Tim Hortons

Full service Tim Hortons.


  • Starbucks

World-renowned coffee, treats and sandwiches.



  • Tim Hortons

Express Self-Serve



  • Alumni Hall

A selection of soups, sandwiches, wraps, bakery items and confectionary items.






  • LU HUB

A student’s convenience store right on campus offering bread, milk, and sundries of every kind.

  • Tim Hortons

Express Self-Serve

  • Quesada Burritos & Tacos

Delicious burritos with made-fresh-daily salsas and guacamole.





  • Tim Hortons

Full service beverage line and breakfast program.

  • Marché Alphonse

Savoury and dessert crepes, fresh sandwiches and soups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dining plans provide for cost savings on each one of your meals, fast and convenient service at the cash, greater and fresher food variety through bulk purchase and guaranteed meal output. In addition, marché-style dining at the Great Hall guarantees you will leave satisfied with its all-you-wish-to-eat service approach.

Mandatory dining plans at designated residences are valid for the current academic year, beginning the first week of September to end of April. Voluntary meal plans do not expire and will be honored to the extent of the purchase agreement.

Flex Dollars on a Dining Plan work like a debit card.  On a purchase the total price is subtracted from the balance on the card until depleted.

Flex Dollars can be used at any Chartwells service location on campus, including Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Subway, Alumni Hall, Alphonse Raymond Dining Hall, Cafe Bistro, LU HUB.

If you are a student residing on campus at Single Student, University College, West or East residence complexes, you will select your dining plan during the application process and it will automatically be billed and set up for your account. If you need to make changes, or have questions, you can visit the Housing and Food Services office in West Residence, W-120.

If you are a student residing at the Mature Student Residence, one of the federated residences, or live off campus, you can purchase a voluntary dining plan directly from your myLaurentian portal : under 'Shop'.