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Tips From a Fourth-Year Student

Hello Voyageurs new and old! Officially 22 days until move-in starts and 28 days until the beginning of classes! I have been working teaching swimming lessons which has been keeping me so busy! I cannot wait to get back to Sudbury!

I don’t think going in to fourth year gives me much validity to give advice, but I mean – I’ve been through three years of school and I haven’t yet pulled out all my hair. For returning students, and new students alike, I present to you: Tips from a Fourth-Year:

Ask questions.
To your roommates, classmates, senior students, your RA. Visit your profs in their office hours, they have them for a reason.

" It's in the syllabus" strip cartoon

But, before asking too many questions, Check the Syllabus

Wait until after your classes start to buy textbooks.
This will save you lots of money and wait time at the bookstore. I’ve gone to classes on the first day and gone through the syllabus with the class and realized that the class wasn’t what I anticipated and I ended up switching out. I’ve also had professors that gave out photocopies of select readings instead of having their students purchase the entire book.
Cartoon strip
Go to stuff.
Floor meetings, frosh activities, information booths, Sunday Sports, pub, volunteer fairs. The likelihood that there will be free food is high, and I haven’t been able to find anything that students love more than free food. Also, that show “Extreme Couponing” isn’t actually that hard to mimic:

Go to class, too.
I promise you that showing up is the most fool-proof way to be successful in your classes. “Do the readings, go to class” is my six-word advice to all students. There are lots of hours out of class to take naps.
A cartoon of somebody sleeping on a branch

“This is not a test of character”
My grade twelve Data Management teacher said this to us before every test we wrote. Being not the best at math, knowing that he wouldn’t think any less of us because of a mark was reassuring. A good grade or a bad grade doesn’t determine how good of a person someone is. That being said, it sure does feel good to get at least decent grades, think scholarships!

Yes, they will notice if you use their shampoo.
When I moved in to residence in my first year, I had never shared such a small space with so many people before. There was only my bottle of Herbal Essences Drama Clean in the shower and there were three roommates whose hair smelled the same.

…or don’t do your dishes.
If I didn’t have a peanut butter sandwich, and there is peanut butter on one of my plates there is only one explanation. A big part about living with new people is taking responsibility, especially for common areas and shared stuff.

“Bubble your troubles”
Wise words from my mother. This goes along with “pick your battles.” You can save yourself stress and unnecessary anger if you decide what is important to have a discussion about.

Post your schedule in a common area.
This way your roommate(s) know when you’ll be in class (so they can take a nap) and when you guys can grab lunch together.

Ordering pizza at 2am tastes better when shared with friends.
I’ll just leave this here…