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Surviving the Cold and your Winter Blues

Happy Second Semester  Voyageurs!!

It’s that time of the year again where students in Sudbury are hiding under piles upon piles of blankets, and dreading the cold day ahead. As a tour guide for Laurentian University I am constantly asked about the weather here in Sudbury and how students deal with it and the ever impending winter blues. What I tell them is what I’m here to tell you, both current and prospective students, you can survive this. You are a strong, healthy woman/man and you don’t need no jacket… just kidding you definitely do.

A person is outside surrounded by snow

Winter got me feeling like…


Dress Appropriately

Keeping with my tangent, you definitely need a jacket… we do live in Canada after all. Hat’s, scarf, mitt’s are all super great ideas too.

A person is wearing a winter hat and scarf


Use the Underground Tunnel

I like to think that the wonderful architects of Laurentian University realized that Sudbury can get quite cold…therefore they planned the school so most of it is accessible by walking indoors. When I lived on campus a rarely used my winter gear and instead ran from building to building when need be. Looking back now I should have worn my jacket.


Coffee Dates are a MUST

Getting together with friends is always a mood breaker, but pair that with a hot beverage to evaporate those winter chills and you’ll be feeling better… and a lot warmer.

Two people are having a conversation while they have coffee together


Stay Active

Be it working out at the Ben Avery Gym, Skating on lake Ramsey, skiing/snowboarding at Adenac Skii Hill or taking advantage of the free YOGA on campus for students. Remember to keep yourself active and –if at all possible- out of the house. You’re already getting less vitamin D during the winter, so take advantage of those good weather days.


Words from the wise: “Treat. Yo. Self

Yes were all starving student’s and sometimes “treating yourself” doesn’t fit into the budget, but treating yourself can be as little as helping yourself to a much needed break on Sunday or even cashing in your AWESOME SGA health plan to help you pay for -some also much needed- therapeutic message.


Give Counseling a Try

I love counselling. I’m not ashamed of it nor should I be. I urge anyone to give the friendly Laurentian University counselors the opportunity to give you a helping hand through those slippery patches.


Catch up on your ZZZ’s

No matter what, remember too sleep! All nighters may seem super great at the time but guaranteed the next day will be brutal. So study smart and sleep smart too. Personally, 7-8 hours asleep and I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed for the next day.

To wrap things up (see what I did there?), when I’m cold, I’m not happy. When I’m warm on the other hand I am happier than a camel on Wednesdays. So too get past those winter blues keep warm, remember these tips and like all our mothers say…”eat healthy”.

A student is sitting on bench outside in snow

Lounging in the Snow on campus


Cheers Voyageurs! x