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A First Years Guide to Laurentian Lingo

After watching the above video are you currently asking yourself… what the heck were they just talking about???

That my friends is just a small taste of the Laurentian Lingo you’ll come to learn and love. To help you understand it faster though we’ve come up with an urbandictionary style blog that we hope you all find helpful 


Bowling alley 

The long narrow stretch of the first floor of the arts building. Located between the classroom building and the great hall. (Not actually a bowling alley).

Hey did you see the pride flag in the bowling alley?


 The PIT 

Otherwise known as lot 15, located at the bottom of the hill.

Give me 10 minutes, I’m just walking up from the pit now


Ben Avery 

The athletics facility on campus.

Hey did you hit up the Ben Avery yet? It’s free for all full time students!


Student Street 

The walkway that connects all five residences to one another.

Let’s go through student street so we don’t have to walk outside


Porketta Bingo 

A uniquely sudburian ritual where one plays -not really bingo but- a card game for a chance of winning pork. Money raised goes towards minor hockey in Sudbury.

I don’t feel like cooking this weekend! Lets hit up the Beef n’ Bird to try our luck at Porketta bingo this Saturday


Purple helmet 

Contrary to popular belief it has nothing to do with the type of helmet you wear on your head but is a specialty beverage served at the Laurentian campus pub for students who are 19+

The pub down under opens tomorrow; lets get the gang together to share some deep friend pickle spears and a pitcher of purple helmet



Canadian-based street wear brand established in 2013 by Laurentian Alumni Tychon Carter-Newman.

Did you order your nine oh five sweater yet? I hope mine gets here before it begins to snow



Positive inception 

A clothing brand created by SPAD alumni Ryan Benoit. The positive inception clothing line seeks to help wearers gain positive perception, and to understand their full potential based on their unique qualities.

As soon as I found out that the positive inception had a booth at the new Sudbury mall, I drove right over and bought myself my very own “be positive, be you” T!



The two first year residences on campus. Otherwise known as Single Student Residence and University College Residence.

Lets see what everyone’s up to tonight and lets floor hop between UC and SSR


Cravings/ C-Store/ the greasy 

The convenience like store located right in single student residence. It even has a sweet new Quesada burrito place and Tim’s Express!!

Run! We have 5 minutes ’til Cravings closes and I need a bag of chips and a Rockstar to fuel my all night study session



Laurentian Universities campus and community radio station. (96.7 FM)

Turn it up! CKLU is playing my song!


Fraser (FA) 

Known as the Fraser building. This is where the biggest classroom on campus can be found. Also, this is undoubtedly were at least one of your first years course will take place.

We have 15 minutes until our psychology class in the Fraser begins, if I hurry I’ll be able to scarf down a poutine in alumni hall before hand



Sudbury Saturday Night 

I term used to describe the shenanigans that Sudburians get up to on a Saturday night. If you haven’t heard it yet you need to check out Stompin’ Tom Connors Sudbury Saturday night.

Are you ready for another Sudbury Saturday Night?