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4 Entertaining Things to do on a Greyhound Bus

University students: we’re stressed, sleep deprived, home-sick and broke. Luckily, for those of us who are out-of-towners, there are a few occasions every year when we get a chance to escape our worries, eat someone else’s food, and sleep in: holiday weekends. These weekends mean a chance to go home, even if for three days at a time. And with Easter weekend fast approaching, the time is never better to start planning your trip.

This blog applies to those lucky few who, much like myself, will be spending 4+ hours aboard a Greyhound bus this coming Easter weekend – and, although this may be a good time for some students to catch up on their sleep, for others (again, myself included) that have a fear of/are unable to sleep in public, entertaining yourself is necessary. Read below for 4 ways to maintain your sanity aboard an overcrowded, too-hot/too-cold, often smelly bus with uncomfortable seats and poor Wifi access. Yay! (But seriously, it’s not that bad.)


1. Catch up on schoolwork

We all know that exams are fast-approaching: for most students, this is the busiest time of year, often spent wrapping up final assignments and papers, and preparing for the month of exams ahead. If you’re stuck on a bus and unable to sleep, this is a perfect time to catch up on that lab report, finish the book you were supposed to read for your English course… The list goes on.


2. Read for pleasure

Given that we have so much coursework to focus on, reading for pleasure can often, understandably, slip by the wayside. However, if you’re among those who are on top of their school work this semester, why not congratulate yourself by reading something you’re interested in that isn’t a required text. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always check out Heather’s Book Picks: the list of books hand-picked and recommended by the CEO of Chapters. I’m personally a huge fan of the list, and usually enjoy everything I read from here.


3. Catch up on your guilty pleasure TV show or movie

If you’re among those who have a TV show they watch as a guilty pleasure, then this is your opportunity to catch up on episodes you’ve missed while studying. Personally, my guilty pleasure show is The Voice (if not only for Blake Shelton and Adam Levine’s witty banter). I’d recommend downloading any episodes/movies you’d like to watch before boarding the bus, since, as I mentioned above, WiFi is not a guarantee, and when it is working is often quite slow. On that note, be sure to charge any electronic devices before boarding the bus, and bring headphones.


4. Actually speak to the person beside you

Through my experiences with the Greyhound, I’ve found that if you’ve forgotten something to entertain yourself with during the ride, the chances are good that your neighbour on the bus has too. Unless the person beside you has gone out of their way to remain uninterrupted, such as if they’re reading, attempting to sleep or have headphones in, it might be a good opportunity to strike up a conversation and make a new friend.


And that’s all for now! Have a great ride, and if there is a fifth way to entertain yourself that I forgot to mention, feel free to tweet me here!