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Connect with other parents

Get to know parents from your child's graduating class.

Facebook Group

Connect with Student Services

Get to know the services that can ease your time at Laurentian University.


Centre for Continuing Learning


Francophone Affairs Office


Indigenous Student Affairs


J.N. Desmarais Library


Laurentian International


Laurentian Residence


Office of Graduate Studies


Peer Wellness


Student Success

SGA (Student General Association)


AEF (Association des étudiants et étudiantes francophones)


GSA (Graduate Students’ Association)

Connect with Athletics

Get to know Laurentian Athletics and its individual sports teams.


Voyageurs Athletics


Voyageurs Campus Rec


Sports Teams



Laurentian University Environmental Sustainability Committee


Laurentian Volleyball Club



McEwen School of Architecture


Goodman School of Mines


Harquail School of Earth Sciences


CROSH (Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health)


Mineral Exploration Research Centre

Connect with Alumni

Get to know Laurentian Alumni. Connect with other graduates, keep updated on campus affairs, and learn how you can give back.

Connect with the President

Get to know Laurentian University's President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Robert Haché. Through his Twitter account, you can get a better understanding of campus life, and the future of Laurentian.

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