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New Instrumentation in the PCAF


On January 14, 2019, the installation of liquid chromatography and gas chromatography systems coupled to a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (UPLC-APGC-QQQ-MS) will begin at the Norinne E. Perdue Central Analytical Facility (PCAF) to complement the suite of chromatography and mass spectrometry systems within the facility. The facility currently houses a liquid chromatography system coupled to a single quadrupole mass spectrometer (UPLC-QDa) and a liquid chromatography system coupled to a time of flight mass spectrometer (UPLC-QTof-MS).

These chromatography systems coupled to mass spectrometers are utilized for the identification and quantification of organic molecules. Instruments with a time of flight mass spectrometer are used to identify chemical species present in a biological sample while quadrupole instruments are ideal for accurately quantifying know compounds. Within PCAF, these instruments will be used in the analysis of drugs and biological metabolites in a wide range of biological matrices. When asked how these instruments will benefit his research, Dr. James Watterson, Department of Forensic Science, says “the new UPLC-MS instruments will expand our research capacity as each is designed for different key applications (e.g. quantitative measurements of specific trace level toxins in complex samples vs. screening of various sample types to identify the broad ranges of chemical compounds present). By adding instruments with specifications geared toward different applications, this will reduce the backlog on the current mass spectrometry facilities.”

Many Laurentian University researchers are interested in using these advanced analytical tools and excited for the opportunities they will unlock. The PCAF is working hard to increase resources to support Laurentian University researchers. To discuss opportunities and/or to arrange a tour of the new PCAF, please contact Dr. Alan Lock at