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Laurentian Research Institute for Aging

About Us

In September of 2017, the Laurentian University Research Institute for Aging (LRIA) became the newest aging research institute/centre in Canada. The increasing number of older adults is changing the demographic profile of Canada, and poses novel challenges in many Canadian sectors including healthcare, housing, economics, and public policy, among others. With numerous bright leaders across the university the LRIA is well positioned to help find innovative solutions that will not only allow us to meet these challenges, but to do so in a manner that provides excellent service and care to older adults in northeastern Ontario.

The LRIA will endeavor to engage with older adults to assist in building bridges between them and where they live, and the greater community, to bring about positive change by improving the quality of life of older adults, their families, and caregivers. A key activity will be to create meaningful opportunities for older adults that encourage them to continue being active, contributing members of their communities and improve their health and well-being.

LRIA is currently located in Room 311 of Laurentian University’s School of Education Building. 

Key Accomplishments

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LRIA partnered with North East Specialized Geriatric Centre to develop a compendium of educational offerings relative to interprofessional comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA). This compendium will give healthcare providers access to a vast collection of educational resources that will help them to meet the competencies of interprofessional CGA.

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Our Mission
The LRIA will engage in the development and implementation of timely, relevant, and innovative applied tri-cultural research for aging, especially as it pertains to older adults residing in various settings in northeastern Ontario, including mature lifestyle communities (MLC).

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Our Vision
With a focus on creating interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral partnerships, the LRIA aims to be a leading contributor to aging research, education, and practice at Laurentian University and in the Province of Ontario. Through careful attention to the process of knowledge transfer, the LRIA will beneficially impact the activities and experiences that influence the daily lives of older adults.

Goals & Objectives

  • To conduct and stimulate rigorous applied interdisciplinary research for aging in order to add to the current knowledge of aging over the life span, form mid-life onwards.
  • To provide a focus, impetus and direction to the interdisciplinary research activities for aging in Northern Ontario by facilitating the formation of interdisciplinary teams and research groups.
  • To explore barriers and facilitators which influence the transitions from aging in place (family home), to aging in alternative setting (assisted living to long term care).
  • To foster effective partnerships and collaboration with community stakeholders, such as municipal and provincial health authorities, community organizations, mature lifestyle communities, and older adults.
  • To develop and assess the effectiveness of programs and interventions intended to maintain, promote or restore autonomy among older adults.
  • To promote and actively transfer knowledge on healthy aging in the community as well as the provincial government, industry, and social agencies.
  • To be a resource on older adult’s well-being for the various communities of the North East.
  • To promote and support both undergraduate and graduate education and research training opportunities in the area of aging.
  • To promote evidence-based education opportunities for older adults that enhance the quality of their daily lived experiences.
  • To assist mature lifestyle communities in advancing workforce and student knowledge and practices which improve the quality of the lived experiences of residents.

Our People


Image Name and Title Image Name and Title
John Lewko

Acting Director

John Lewko, PhD 

School of Rural and Northern Health

Sylvie Larocque

Executive Committee Member

Sylvie Larocque, PhD

School of Nursing



Executive Committee Member

Bruce Oddson, PhD

School of Human Kinetics

Birgit Pianosi

Executive Committee Member

Birgit Pianosi, PhD


Jeannette Lindenbach

Executive Committee Member

Jeannette Lindenbach, PhD

School of Nursing




  • Mental health and aging
  • Health systems integration
  • Health services research
  • Wellness over the lifecourse (Life Course Health Development Framework)
  • Quality of life
  • Caregiving (informal vs. formal) and care coordination
  • Healthcare human resource development (living classroom concept)
  • Mobility and falls prevention
  • Aging in place
  • Integration of care and services
  • Client-centred clinical and residential care
  • Transition from ALC in a rural environment
  • Age friendly rural settings
  • Aging and the economy

Join Us!

If you are interested in participating with LRIA, please download and complete the following electronic form. Once complete, please email it to 

Laurentian Research Institute for Aging

Room 311, School of Education - Laurentian University