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Master of Health Administration (MHA)

Develop knowledge and expertise in the field of Health Administration, exclusively in an online format.

Ideal Candidate

Applicants for admission to the MHA program will hold a baccalaureate, or graduate degree from a recognized university, and be licensed in a regulated health profession*.

Applicants with licensing from a regulatory body outside of Ontario (nationally and internationally) are eligible to apply.

*Please see below for a list of approved regulated health professions. If you do not see yours listed, please contact directly prior to your application.

Academic Advisor


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Delivery Method: Remote - Synchronous
Program Language: English

Recognized Health Professions:

Nursing, pharmacy, medicine, social work, dentistry, physiotherapy, kinesiology, occupational therapy, dietetics, chiropractic, optometry, medical radiation, audiology and speech-language pathology, midwifery, and clinical psychology.

Must hold a baccalaureate degree with a minimum GPA of B+ (75%). 

Must be licensed with a professional regulatory body.

Applicants will be required to demonstrate that they have 2 years full-time equivalent (3640 hours) of experience in their designated healthcare profession, or 2 years full-time equivalent of experience in healthcare administration. 

As part of the application, applicants will submit the following documentation 

  • completed application form, 
  • official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended by the applicant, 
  • curriculum vitae, 
  • a structured essay where applicants respond to questions about their interest in the MHA, their objectives upon completing the program and their suitability for this program, 
  • 2 letters of reference are required, at least one of which should be from a professional supervisor
  • HR confirmation of hours worked in the profession, or HR letter confirming years worked in an administrative role. Students must attest that they have funding to complete the program.

1. Check your program requirements

You can find your program requirements on this page, under admission requirements. For some Graduate programs you will need to secure a supervisor as part of your application process. You can find if you need to contact a supervisor on the how to apply to graduate programs page.

2. Complete your Application

Once you have reviewed your program requirements you can apply through the graduate application portal. This will take you to an external site, hosted by OUAC. Within 48 business hours of submitting your application you will receive an email with further instructions.

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3. Setup your myLaurentian account and upload your documentation

Once your application has been received by Laurentian University, you will receive an email that contains information on accessing your myLaurentian Portal where you will continue the application process. To activate your account, visit the myLaurentian Portal and click the yellow bar "New to Laurentian".

Please note that the submission of items on the “My Checklist” is solely the obligation of the applicant. Please review this list carefully in order to complete your application.

Learn more on our how to apply to graduate programs page.

Detailed How To Apply
Note for Current Students

The degree options listed below are for the upcoming academic year, not the current academic year. If you are a current student looking for which courses to take in order to complete your degree options from a previous academic year's curriculum, please consult with an academic advisor.


Students must follow these regulations while in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


Master of Health Administration  (30 credits)


ACCT 5001E     Accounting

OPER 5001E     Business Statistics

HROB 5001E     Organizational Behaviour

NURS 5256E     Leadership and Management in Healthcare Environments

NURS 5236E     Risk Management in Healthcare Environments

NURS 5346E     Healthcare Resources: Policies and Allocation

NURS 5366E     Program Planning and Evaluation Strategies in Healthcare Environments

NURS 5376E     Accountability Structures in Healthcare

NURS 5055E     Capstone Project


Program regulations

Students must obtain a minimum grade of 70% (B standing) in each course. Students who fail (receive less than 70%) in a compulsory course must repeat it. Students may not repeat courses they have not failed. Students are permitted a maximum of one failed 3-credit course. An overall average of 70% must be maintained in the MHA program.

In addition to completion of the courses, each student in the MHA program must present a certificate of completion of the Indigenous Cultural Competency Training in Ontario by the end of their second semester in the MHA program.  The program is offered completely online and consists of 8 facilitated modules.  The program is $250 but there is potential for the fee to be waived for regulated health care providers in Ontario. Although prepared for Ontarians, the content is relevant to anyone in health care in Canada.  It is offered in both English and French.  For more information see the following website: 

Alternatively, students may present a certificate Indigenous Canada, a course offered for free by the University of Alberta. 

Students in the MHA will be required to complete a mentorship certificate prior to graduation. Students will be given instructions about choosing a mentor and the requirements when they enter the MHA program. All materials pertinent to the mentorship certificate must be submitted to the course professor for the capstone project (NURS 5055), by the 6th week of the course.

NURS-5256EL - Leadership and Management in Healthcare Environments ACCT-5001EL - Accounting OPER-5001EL - Business Statistics HROB-5001EL - Organizational Behaviour NURS-5236EL - Risk Management in Healthcare Environments NURS-5366EL - Program Planning and Evaluation Stategies in Healthcare Environments
NURS-5376EL - Accountability Structures in Healthcare NURS-5055EL - Capstone Project NURS-5346EL - Healthcare Resources: Policies and Allocation - - -