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Career Opportunities

Employment prospects: biomedical field, chiropractic, dentistry, graduate studies, physiotherapy, human and veterinary medicine, naturopathy, teaching, etc.

Eric Geoffroy

My time here at Laurentian has been a blast! It's hard not to when the feeling of community and family, not only among the students but with the profs as well, is so strong. The small class sizes are a big factor, so the ratio between the prof and number of students is small so they can get to know everyone by name and face. Surprising that it’s the case in such a large program as biomedical biology, but what helps the numbers is the freedom of your picking many of your courses. You can really specialize in what interests you in the biomedical field and take courses related to that, like the many courses you can take in human physiology, microbiology, or psychology among others. This program and school is great for bilingual students as well! You can take any course in either language and still have it count toward your degree, and can even qualify for the Certificate of Bilingualism if you take enough of courses in the other language! Also with the location of the school, this is a great place for people who enjoy the outdoors as there are lakes and forests to adventure all around, with designated paths for those who wish to use them.

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