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Harold Gibson

Harold Gibson

Full Professor

Harquail School of Earth Sciences
Science, Engineering and Architecture
B-8022 Sudbury Campus


  • B.Sc. (Queen's)
  • M.Sc. (Carleton)
  • Ph.D. (Carleton)

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Since joining Laurentian University in 1990, after leaving a successful 12-year career in the mining exploration industry, my students and I have undertaken research projects across Canada, globally, and the modern seafloor. The long-term objective of my research is to determine and understand the interrelationships between magmatism, volcanism, tectonics, and the paleohydrology and timing of volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) ore systems during the construction and evolution of submarine volcanoes through time. 

My research projects are field based and focus on volcanic processes and environments of volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) and epithermal precious metal ore systems and include: eruption processes and their deposits with an emphasis on submarine volcanism, volcanic subsidence structures, volcanic and magmatic processes in ore location, rhyolite petrogenesis, and hydrothermal alteration.

Current research areas include the Paleoproterozoic Flin Flon and Snow Lake VMS districts, Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the Archean Noranda VMS District and Abitibi Greenstone Belt of Ontario and Quebec, VMS and epithermal precious metal deposits in the Guerrero terrane and Mexican Silver Belt, and VMS deposits of the Lau Basin, Tonga/Aeolian arcs, and Indian Mid-Ocean Ridge on the modern seafloor. If you are interested in a M.Sc. or Ph.D. research project, please contact me or see our current research projects and geology graduate program information.


  • 2012 Duncan Ramsay Derry Medal, Mineral Deposits Division, Geological Association of Canada

  • 2003 Julian Boldy Award, Mineral Deposits Division, Geological Association of Canada; shared with Michelle DeWolfe (MSc, PhD), Dave Richardson (MSc), and John Ayer

  • 1998 Barlow Medal, Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy; shared with Don Rousell, and I. Jonasson,

  • 1996 Julian Boldy Award, Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy; shared with Jim Davies and Robert Whitehead

  • 1992 William Harvey Gross Medal, Mineral Deposits Division, Geological Association of Canada

  • 1990 Lang Lecturer, Geological Survey of Canada Mineral Colloquium


GEOL 4026 - Field Geology III

GEOL 5326 - Mineral Exploration in Volcanic Terrains

Current Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students

Paulina Nordfeldt (PhD), The geological setting and origin of Au-Te mineralization at the Paleoproterozoic Akulla deposit, Skellefte District, Sweden. Laurentian University – Stockholm University Cotutelle. Co-supervisors: Iain Pitcairn (Stockholm), Rodney Allen (Boliden, Lulea University)

Margret Engelbert (PhD), The volcanic and deformation history, geodynamic setting and metallogenesis of the Paleoproterozoic Upper Chisel Sequence, Snow Lake Manitoba. Co-supervisor: Bruno Lafrance

K. Rubingh (PhD), Structural controls on gold mineralization at the Paleoproterozoic Snow lake Mine, Snow Lake, Manitoba. Co-supervisor: Bruno Lafrance

M.Sc. Students

Marshall Hall (MSc) Emplacement mechanisms and spatial and temporal relationships between low sulfide and sharp walled vein systems in Footwall Cu-Ni-PGE deposit at the Broken Hammer deposit, Sudbury. Co-supervisor: Bruno Lafrance

Vanessa Friesen (MSc) Origin, emplacement and metallogenic significance of the Paleoproterozic Powderhouse dacite, Snow Lake, Manitoba. Co-supervisor: Michelle DeWolfe (Mount Royal University)

Judy Lam (MSc) Metamorphism and metal mobility at the Paleoproterozoic Lalor VMS deposit, Snow lake, Manitoba. Co-supervisor: Doug Tinkham

Luis Arteaga (MSc) Temporal and spatial relationship between gold mineralization and intrusive rocks in the Boston Creek area, Abitibi greenstone belt, ON, Canada". Co-supervisors: Dan Kontak and Pedro Jugo

Jill Maxwell, Applied MSc Mineral Exploration. Characterization of the intrusive history and Pd mineralization at the Creek Zone. Lac des Iles complex, ON